Watching Who: 7×05 The Angels Take Manhattan

Things we’re taking away from this episode:
  • Important men always wear trench coats on this show.
  • Battery Park seems lovely. When it’s not infested with angels, that is. Also, Tove has a massive architecture crush on the Chrystler Building.
  • The Doctor really SHOULD stick to the science part instead of commenting on glasses and wrinkles and stuff.
  • Only thing creepier than angels? Baby angels. NO NO A WORLD OF NO. GO AWAY.
  • This episode has interesting definitions of marriage.
  • Smiling angels is a BAD sign.
  • Makeover for the Statue of Liberty. WE DON’T LIKE IT.
  • What a gorgeous episode. Setting, costumes, the whole thing. Yowzah!
  • Tears, goosebumps, waaaah. Does ANYONE like endings?
Best moment:

The Doctor: Well come on, come on, come on! Where is he?
River: If it was that easy I’d get you to do it.


Through our sniffling, we’re giving this episode 4.5 out of five DPNs, for being scary, gorgeous, and sad, yet not TOO sad… for an ending.