Normally I’d say this is pretty useless as far as finished objects go in the middle of the summer, but it’s currently raining and 13C sooooo…


I love them. The yarn is like a hug for your feet. Not sold on the sweet tomato heel. One of these has a bazillion huge loops on the inside of the short rows… And it’s not even the first one I made so I can’t blame the new technique. 



Look what’s finished!



And the flock:


You may think that’s enough self-striping socks, especially considering I have several more skeins stashed (including these two lovely ones I bought only last weekend).


The other week I managed to see a skein of Lollipop Yarn in The Rainbow Connection (which is even BETTER than this one I was craving last year) being destashed on Ravelry. I’ve had terrible experiences trying to get my hands on Lollipop Yarn and found the owner really quite rude, so I’d pretty much given up on ever getting a skein, but I managed to be the first one to go GIMME GIMME GIMME and lovely Marie sent this beauty my way:


I just want to sit and stare at it.



I’ve mostly been knitting on things I can’t blog about lately, but these aren’t included in that. Cast on before I went to Barcelona, knit on in the Arizona desert, LA, San Francisco… and not one single row on an airplane, as always. I must just not be a plane knitter.

Skew in Fab Funky Fibre’s Northern Lights.

Moment of “how on EARTH will this turn into a heel”…

But it did!


And two. Well. One and a… quarter.


There will be green stripes

It was fun to experiment with my jeaba colors. Green is probably one of the trickiest colors as I have to blend in myself. Also, so many things affect the result. You cam make the shade lighter either by using the transparant dye, much yellow or the amount of dye per hank. Each method gives a different result.


To the left I used a mix of blue, quite much yellow and some purple.
The middle version is a mix of much yellow, transparent and just a little blue dye.
The right version is a mix of yellow, transparent and more blue than in the previous example. To make it kind of minty I kind of rubbed in the dye (without felting obviously) which means I didn’t need as much due as to the others.


For skipping down rainbow road


Photographing your own feet is HARD. Commissioning your poor mother who has a slipped disk to get on the floor and take pics for you is kind of even harder.


Look at those books in the background! Matches perfectly.


Very basic 60 stitch stockinette cuff down sock, with black yarn used for cuff, heel and (a tiny bit of the) toe. I did a fish lips kiss heel for these and quite like it – not sure I prefer it to flaps , but it’s definitely a nicer way of doing a short row heel than the way I’ve been doing it before. Heels is a whole science!!

I used two full repeats of the rainbow per sock, which worked out to 50g exactly – so I have half the skein left! Wheeee!


Black rainbow

Instead of trying to buy yarn that’s impossible to get a hold of from rude people, I found yarn that’s just as pretty and sold by a lovely friendly woman who got back to me within an hour of me sending her a message on Etsy.


Elaine at FabFunkyFibres dyed this up just for me! Usually she offers this colourway on brown, but was glad to dye it on a black background for me when I asked. Add in a mini skein for cuffs, heels, and toes, and voila! Super fast shipping and the yarn is lovely, bright saturated colours and great to knit with. I was so happy with my yarn I ordered another two skeins (in different colourways) from FabFunkyFibres the other day, so I definitely recommend Elaine to anyone looking for hand dyed self striping sock yarn.

Picture of the WIP to come. I had a slight (total!) setback that had nothing to do with the yarn and everything to do with my own pickiness, so right now it’s only a cuff…


Why make it easy when it could be hard?

Remember how I HAD TO HAVE the yarn for my Tube socks? And how that yarn is hand dyed in tiny batches that go up every other week and are sold out within minutes? And how it’s kind of really quite expensive for a pair of socks?


I really NEED this self-striping bright rainbow sock yarn, dyed by an indie dyer in small batches, posted every other week and gone within minutes of being up.

Sound familiar?

Whyyyyy must I want such peculiar things? Why can’t I covet something that’s readily available and more affordable?!

In my defense, though, I a) I loved knitting with the Mind the Gap yarn and b) love the finished socks. There are some things you just can’t get when sticking to commercial yarn.

(I’m now trying to convince myself that the rainbow yarn is the only I one I need… there’s also this one, and this one, and this one, and this one…)