Back on track

So I paused the evolution shawl. I reached chart 3 and the knit count was off. Had 2 extra stitches in each section. I hate when stuff like that happens. Just stops the flow. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if there’s been one too many increases in the previous chart. I don’t really care at this point. Just glad I’m back on track.



New exciting project

Or rather new project with new exciting yarn!

I’m not sure if it’s destiny or what, but the pattern I stumbled upon is actually called Soft Rainbow Shawl (from Zsuzsa Kiss). That just after I’ve finished my rainbow colored shawl. This one will be gradient, but not rainbow colored. I love the way the teal works it’s way into the brown. I hope it will turn out nicely.

The yarn is the Manitou Evolution in Arial (a super wash  merino) from Twisted Fiber Arts. It’s a wonderful light finger weight and super soft. I love working with it!



The Rainbow Song

More than 10 years ago “The Rainbow Song” was one of the first songs my husband and I recorded at home in the kitchen. It’s a song about believing in your dreams and to be strong. When I first got the idea to dye my own rainbow yarn I thought of naming it “The Rainbow Song”.

After checking the exact order of the seven colors in the rainbow I got to work dividing my large hank into seven small hanks (using a cat food tin. And of course without cutting the hanks apart!).

I then managed to muddle the little red dye I had left. (Not too surprisingly too much black in a red makes a purple/burgundy…) But I refused to be discouraged by this small setback and ventured on.


After dying and washing I wanted to transform my small hanks into one large hank again. Cheerfully going about it soon turned into another muddle. For some reason the blue hank refused to cooperate and I found myself with the worst yarn barf I’ve ever seen… (Really fun trying to disentangle wet yarn… NOT!). My husband chose this particular moment to sing the chorus from “The Rainbow Song”:

“You will see many rainbows break, but you’ll still carry on.

That’s how our dreams may fall apart, but we’ll build them up again…”

At which I shot him a dark “Shut up”.


A couple of hours later all colors were nicely wrapped together to admire. (Phew!)



I haven’t actually knit very much in the past few weeks. I’ve been rather busy, both with sad things (my very dearly beloved grandfather’s illness and passing) and with happy things (planning my big US holiday later this summer), and the knitting I did try to do was… not a roaring success (more on that later).

However, I have had some time to work on my wish bracelets which I sell on Etsy! Here in Stockholm, Pride week is in early August, but in the US and many other places in the world June is LGBT pride month, so for all of June, rainbow bracelets are on sale on my Etsy shop:

Since this is a knitting (and TV) blog, I promise I won’t talk about my hemp “side business” too much, but I feel this is for a good reason. Happy Pride!