I’ve been extremely absent from blogging this summer. It’s mostly due to my being away for a large chunk of it, and for most of that time, I was in decidedly unfriendly-for-knitting temperatures; the highest was 114F – that’s over 45C! My guess is there are not too many knitters in Lake Havasu City, Arizona!

I have managed to produce ONE sock (and a toe…) since the beginning of July, so it’s not a total collapse of my personal knitting infrastructure (pretend that made sense). And, I feel this has to count for something… I’ve acquired yarn. Boy, have I acquired yarn.

When I arrived in the US, I already had a bunch of goodies waiting for me. There was this KnitPicks roving Abby picked up for me during a sale:


There was this beauty from Hillary, as a thank you for providing her kid with Ahlgrens bilar:


There was this Juicy skein from Twisted Fiber Arts that arrived just before I did:


And then, once I was there in person, there was the Jimmy Beans haul. (Oh man, Jimmy Beans!! Even more amazing than I expected it to be. Yarn heaven. Everyone was so lovely. So much Tosh. I almost want to move to Reno.)


(There’s something missing from this picture. Stay tuned.)

Finally, there was ImagiKnit. We arrived to a dark store – yarn shopping during a power outage was a new experience. Not as impressed with ImagiKnit as with JBW, mostly due to the staff, but San Francisco wins over Reno (and pretty much everything) despite that, and it’s a lovely building, and I sure got some lovely stuff:



Then I got home and had to shove all this into my stash. Oh boy. Yarn diet here I come.


Continuing the tale of the Whale(s Road)…

I wound all three bobbins onto my niddy noddy, splicing the ends (as well as where the yarn broke due to being underspun) together.


Shiny. I wanted to keep it as a single, so off it came…


SPROOOOOOOOOING. Into the bath with you.


I let it soak for a while and then gave it some good ole thwacks against the bathroom wall. Finishing yarn is SO satisfying. Good if you have any lingering annoyances.

I tried measuring while I skeined, and the figure I came up with was about 750 metres. This seems like a lot to me. I’m sort of half convinced I got it wrong. It’s mostly a light fingering, though:


It’s actually pretty tricky to photograph. It comes out looking either bluer than it is…


… Or too purple:


I think the picture that’s truest to life is the first one in this entry, on the niddy noddy. Either way, it’s gorgeous, and I am kind of ridiculously proud of it. I keep staring at it and feeling like a superstar. (Even though 99% of the magic is the dye job, which I can’t take any credit for.) I MADE that! Go me!!


Whales Road

I spent a few evenings last week with my Malabrigo Nube in Whales Road, which started out like this:




This is the first hand dyed braid I’ve ever spun. I’m a big, big Malabrigo fan and have been for about as long as I’ve been knitting, so I was really looking forward to spinning this. However, before I could do that, I had to spend about two and a half hours splitting, fluffing, and predrafting. That sucker was compact.


Fluff fluff fluff.

I split the braid lengthwise into six parts before fluffing and predrafting, and ended up with this:


I then spun them onto three bobbins, one per night. One part had some few odd lumps, but other than that, it spun really evenly and easily (which it should with that much prep work needed) and was very enjoyable.


First bobbin. To be continued!



I’m not really meant to be buying yarn (more on that at some later point) but, well. On Saturday I honest-to-God just stumbled upon a yarn store. It was kismet.


Behold the yarn snob in her natural habitat, crouching on the floor with her hands buried in merino.


I felt PROUD of myself for leaving with just this one skein:


Malabrigo Rastita in Nomeolvides. No idea what it’s going to be, but I dug it out from under some other skeins, and…


Thanks to Linn for the pics of the crime scene yarn store visit!


Repeat business

I maaaay have gone back to This is Knit today. I maaaaay have bought more yarn.


In my defense they were on sale for €7 each, I’ve never knit with Malabrigo Worsted, and I do have dyeing plans. There, three reasons! Totally justifiable!


Dublin loot



Fyberspates Scrumptious 4-ply superwash in Slate.


Malabrigo Baby Silkpaca lace in Ravelry Red.


Gotta have some local yarn! Donegal Aran Tweed in 188.


And for Anneli, Malabrigo Finito in Mares.

GREAT selection of Malabrigo, and I had to really stop myself from buying all of the pure silk from Debbie Bliss..!