A stretchy shawl edging

I usually prefer to knit in wool as it’s stretchy and forgiving, but the “Liv” shawlette was made in silk/kashmir. I tried the knit together stretchy bind-off, but unsuccessfully. Instead I decided to turn the knit project 90 degrees and knit the edge. Many shawls use this trick and add an extra patterned finish this way. I didn’t want more pattern, just a nice framing.

Photo 2013-06-10 19 06 40

I’ve knit the top edge with 3 stitches in garter and decided to go for a 4 stitch garter edge at the bottom. I don’t really like the idea of casting on more stitches as in that new part I’d lose the 3 stitches garter edge. Like in this example:

Photo 2013-06-10 19 43 17

My 4 stitches garter edge:

Knit 6 rows of the 3 stitches which form the top garter edge, leaving the rest of the stitches live on the needles.

Photo 2013-06-11 20 09 24

Then bind off two stitches.

Photo 2013-06-11 20 10 40

With 1 live stitch on the right-hand needle pick up 3 stitches from the left-hand side of the garter edge (like you do for a garter tab provisional cast-on).

Photo 2013-06-11 20 11 52

Turn the project and knit the wrong side of the 4 stitches.

Then repeat the following rows:

  • Row 1 (right side): Knit 3, then knit the last stitch together with the first live stitch from the body of the shawl
  • Row 2 (wrong side): Knit 4

Repeat the rows until 2 live stitches remains on your left-hand needle. Knit the 2 remaining stitches. Then repeat the following:

  • Row 1 (wrong side): Knit 2, knit 2 together
  • Row 2 (right side): Knit 3

Continue until only 3 stitches remain and bind off on the right side row.


When I’m not watching sci-fi

I’m continuing with my semi-circle shawl “Liv”. First on the balcony in the sun

Photo 2013-05-25 14 27 12

and then later on while watching the Netflix series Hemlock Grove. My sister has been wild about it and I was kind of bored and needed something new, logged onto Netflix and there it was, thought “hey, why not?” and found myself watching two full episodes in one go. So yes, it is good! So far anyway. Not very sci-fi, but much mystery and magic. I like.

Progress on shawl so far:

Photo 2013-05-25 15 44 33
Photo 2013-05-25 15 44 03

Now I’m thinking about what should come next. Probably a few stockinette rows and then I’m choosing between a new increase row with Amber gemstone beads or to start the next pattern… hmmm… tough decisions!


The spell of beautiful things

One of the reasons I knit is because I can produce beautiful things. (Very unsatisfactory when they don’t turn out beautiful…)

When some projects comes out tricky I tend to look for more fun projects while thinking about what to do to solve the issues with the last.

Below is one delicate project in a lace Silk/Kashmir blend with Amber gemstones. It’s going to be my own design and I’ve drawn inspiration from the Forget-Me-Nots color wise. The Amber gemstone represents life as parts of life have been preserved in it from ancient times. So I’m thinking to call the pattern “Liv”, which is the Swedish word for life.

Photo 2013-05-10 16 53 37

But there are difficulties with everything and I know myself really well on this point. I really can’t leave big flaws. Like here below, for some reason a part f the yarn was twined so so hard that the stitch definition is totally off. Finally I decided to frog the nice part, cut the yarn and start over.

Photo 2013-05-19 10 50 39