What (k)not to do

I don’t really believe in knitting rules. As long as whatever you’re doing works for you, go for it. There is, however, one exception, one rule I live (knit?) by: No knots in knitting.

I broke this rule the other day. And the results were really… great.


I must start by saying the reason for the knotting happening was that I was completely stumped on how to otherwise join this new ball of single ply 100% silk to the first one. Felting (my go to method) obviously wasn’t going to work, Russian join wasn’t going to work, overlapping the two strands for a few stitches seemed like tempting fate with such a slippery yarn and loose gauge… so I remembered reading about the magic knot a while ago and decided to give it a go.

I may be a knot convert yet. I was pulling like crazy on that knot and it wasn’t going anywhere, and it’s damned near invisible in the project.


All snuggled up with the bumps. Excellent.