Forgetting that dye

I dyed a Madelinetosh Merino Light earlier this year that came out a bit too crazy for my tast. Too much contrast and too many shades. I have since then planned to improve it and did so this last Wednesday. However my memory is a bit poor at the moment (or perhaps my mind is fully occupied with a whole bunch of other things to remember…)
Anyway, I forgot about it and realized yesterday (half a week later) that I had an ongoing dye sitting in the bathroom waiting to be rinsed. Ooops!



The pictures come out a little light. The yarn is actually quite dark with a hint of petrol and purple in it.


There will be green stripes

It was fun to experiment with my jeaba colors. Green is probably one of the trickiest colors as I have to blend in myself. Also, so many things affect the result. You cam make the shade lighter either by using the transparant dye, much yellow or the amount of dye per hank. Each method gives a different result.


To the left I used a mix of blue, quite much yellow and some purple.
The middle version is a mix of much yellow, transparent and just a little blue dye.
The right version is a mix of yellow, transparent and more blue than in the previous example. To make it kind of minty I kind of rubbed in the dye (without felting obviously) which means I didn’t need as much due as to the others.


Hello Jeaba!

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Conveniently I discovered that they’ve opened a covered market (Saluhallen Slakteriet) in Västerås where Gårdsmejeri Ostbiten och Ateljé Norrgården has a small corner. Among cheeses and yarn they also sell Jeaba for dying yarn. I wished for the start kit!


Needing some yarn to try my new colors on I set to spin the last of my white alpaca fleece into a nice single ply fingering weight.




Your chair?! How do you mean??

Learning a few tricks about a good soaking and drying the yarn stretched to keep my single ply from twirling itself. (Both I and Tove are EXTREMELY fond of single ply yarns). Oh, and I had some soap in the water as the alpaca fleece wasn’t washed.



Then to the dying part (wearing plastic gloves to keep from dying myself too…) I found it easiest to work the color into the yarn using my plastic glove covered fingers.



Then the yarn and the color will rest for about 24 hours.

package to rest 2

Washed and hanging to dry. Sneaky tip of how to stretch the yarn while drying.