Secret project completed and gifted

My sister tried on my infinity scarf when I had just completed it and was reluctant in giving it back. I then decided to make one for her birthday.

Tove has reported that she uses it every day when she goes to work and that she loves the color. I couldn’t be more pleased! (Also, a hint to all of you knitting unappreciated items, THIS is the behavior of knit-worthy people).

And some pictures from the autumn splendor (which is more or less gone since we’ve had snow the last few days).






My infinity scarf is finished

When I decided to knit an infinity scarf I didn’t plan an infinity project. Somehow it turned out a bit like that. Well, because someone, ehrm, got a crush on moss knitting at the very beginning of the project and enthusiastically knitted too many rows. Ran out of yarn (yay…) and had to solve this somehow. Tove has secretly been feeling a bit guilty for suggesting ripping up the cast on. But, really, how was she to know some nutter had knitted too many moss rows and had to rip those as well?

Lazy in the best sense. I determined not to pick all stitches up again at once and took a couple of DPNs and did a few at the time. (The ONLY benefit of frogging from the wrong direction is that the live stitches don’t drop.)

Photo 2013-07-04 07 24 49

Commuting with my sister comes in handy when you need a model for your completed project. She ended up ordering one for Christmas which is ideal since I’ve decided to call the pattern December.

Photo 2013-07-04 17 26 47

Photo 2013-07-04 17 26 37

Photo 2013-07-04 17 26 32

Just perfect for folding twice around your neck. (Scratching your nose at the same time is optional…)

Photo 2013-07-04 17 28 16

The bird is from BluebirdsGlass on Etsy (where else??).

Photo 2013-07-04 20 39 10

Close-up during blocking. The pattern really do look like sheafs!


The last stumbling steps or something

The good news are that my infinity scarf is almost done. The BAD news are that I’m out of yarn.

Yarn left:

Photo 2013-05-24 22 28 45

It might be enough yarn for a bind-off row, but nevertheless I’m short on one last moss row… So, Tove (Saint Tove) suggested undoing the cast-on and frogging one row and should the worst happen I could then borrow some thread from there for binding off the top. Good idea and it might work well, but extremely boring to execute!

And the infinity scarf so far:

Photo 2013-05-24 22 29 05

Oh, and who put Teddy in the corner?

Photo 2013-05-24 22 29 56


Call for motivation

I had planned to complete my infinity scarf pronto, but unfortunately the yarn won’t be enough… So now I’m facing a grim job, frogging a half pattern repeat without a life-line. I wish I would use the life-line option more often when uncertain. It means that you put a thread through the live stitches on one row. Tove told me floss were ideal and if you attach it to the right-hand needle it will be pulled through automatically.

So to face up to the frogging a call for motivation was needed! I’ve now bought some stuff for a “pimp my scarf”-project. I will put some birds on it as they tend to like sheafs. I was even thinking of letting the mice take part of the left-overs on the ground. And today I just couldn’t resist buying an owl. Owls don’t normally eat from sheafs, but they do like mice (hmm, it’s turning into my own little eco-system…). I will make more birds from modeling clay and glue them onto the pins.

Strass owl

Since I was in the shop anyway, I bought some beads for a few other projects too. I mean, you’ve got to be practical, don’t you?

Photo 2013-05-17 16 49 08


Tea, bullfinches and star whales

Birds like oats so I’m thinking how to put birds on my sheaf scarf. I ordered a couple of pins from Etsy (no surprise there). Ideally I’d like a bullfinch and had a go at crocheting one… erhm, didn’t go too well I’m afraid. Didn’t look like a bullfinch in any case.

When I was a kid I used to make little figures in modeling clay or similar, like the mice there – they hail from that time.


So I had a go at making a bullfinch and well, he’s kind of cute.


And then some tea, hard bread, cookies (and yes, ALL cookies are for me) and Doctor Who.