When I’m not watching sci-fi

I’m continuing with my semi-circle shawl “Liv”. First on the balcony in the sun

Photo 2013-05-25 14 27 12

and then later on while watching the Netflix series Hemlock Grove. My sister has been wild about it and I was kind of bored and needed something new, logged onto Netflix and there it was, thought “hey, why not?” and found myself watching two full episodes in one go. So yes, it is good! So far anyway. Not very sci-fi, but much mystery and magic. I like.

Progress on shawl so far:

Photo 2013-05-25 15 44 33
Photo 2013-05-25 15 44 03

Now I’m thinking about what should come next. Probably a few stockinette rows and then I’m choosing between a new increase row with Amber gemstone beads or to start the next pattern… hmmm… tough decisions!