All mine

So I thought I’d try to actually USE some of my handspun yarn for something. Mine and Helena’s first coproduction yielded a decent amount of mostly-even off white yarn:


I plied most of it, but one bobbin’s worth I left as a single.


I also had the brown and grey (one of them is Romney but I can’t remember WHICH) yarn from the spinning class Anneli and I took this autumn.

So this….


… became this:


It’s extremely funny looking when on its own, all lumpy and uneven. I didn’t bother with gauge; just picked 28sts because it seemed like it’d work and knit all the yarn on 4.5mm DPNs, regardless of weight. All the colour changes are based on 6 rows (6, 12, 18 etc) and while they may look misshapen off the hands, I actually think they look pretty good on!


I’ve never really got the point of mitts before but I think these changed my mind. They’re super warm (a little itchy though) and one day as I was walking home, hands jammed in my pockets against the wind, I remembered I had these in my bag.


Totally made a difference. I may be a mitt convertee yet. And I feel really proud of these, my first handspun knit! They’re very post-apocalyptic chic. Very Hunger Games. I’m calling them my Bad Wolf Moment mitts.

I kind of love them.