Adventures in blocking

I finished my Eiffel Tower shawl yesterday. Mmm overcooked noodles:


Popped it in the sink and returned ten minutes later to find this:


Yikes! I’ve never had problems with Madelinetosh bleeding like this before. I kept rinsing and rinsing but it just kept bleeding, so I got my trusty citric acid out, dumped some in, and voila:


Like magic!

Next step; the designated blocking towel. This towel is from my grandparents’ summer house and I always get nostalgic using it.


I block on a foam hopscotch mat I bought at Biltema. It’s great because you can shape it to your needs, and once you’re not using it it doesn’t take up much space.


It’s STUPIDLY hard to find good pins in this country. I bought these rustproof t-pins in the US but I need more of them…


… because I’m kind of crazy when it comes to pinning, as you can see from the finished result:


I actually love blocking. It’s like magic. So satisfying to see the overcooked noodles open up into gorgeous lace patterns!


Advice, ignored

Okay, I didn’t ACTUALLY ignore the advice, I just tweaked it. See, I have a project (one of the ones included in the poll) I reaaaaally want to use the Slate Fyberspates for, and after some encouragement (thank you, Linn!) I decided to save it for that, and get started on Dinner in the Eiffel Tower in some lovely Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK in Nebula I had stashed.


So far it’s a fast, fun knit. Almost at the end of my first skein, five out of seven charts done.