Kinder egg amigurumi

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a link to these adorable Kinder egg amigurumi and had to make some for my honorary niecephews.


A bee for E, a frog for T, an owl for M, and a duck for J. Pretty pleased with how they turned out (even if I superglued myself to the tube of glue at one point, but we’re not talking about that).


Aren’t they sweet? And having an excuse to buy (and eat!!) Kinder eggs wasn’t exactly a hardship, either. These poor American children are totally missing out. It’s too bad I can’t send them actual Kinder eggs due to the stupid ban the US has on them.



I don’t really crochet, other than the odd amigurumi here and there. I do have some on the todo list right now, though, and my sad sad stash of four crochet hooks didn’t include any that worked with the thread I bought for them, so I ordered some off a Chinese seller on eBay.


I bought these from bgsxine and paid a whopping $2.97 for the three, including shipping. When you need something small like this and don’t really care about quality, Chinese eBay really can’t be beat.