Dyeing with cold colors (Jeaba)

Dyeing with cold colors like Jeaba (which is the ones we tried) is more like painting your yarn. The colors are liquids that you blend as you like. There are yellow, blue, red, pink and purple available. Additionally there’s a transparent and a black. The transparent is used to make your color blends lighter and the black to make the blends darker.

Depending on how you apply the colors you will also affect the shading. If you work in just a little of your color blend to the skein you get lighter shades and if you use more color you get more vibrant shades.

I usually prepare some plastic food wrap and place the dry skein on it. The color blends I put in bowls next to me. Then I apply a little at the time working my way around the skein. Once I’m satisfied I wrap the plastic around the skein and let it rest over night.


Then I wash the skein thoroughly in cold water and hang it to dry.


My cold colors: The green blend and the violet and blue blend.

Tove's cold colors

Tove’s cold colors.


Color weekend!!!

Naa, we didn’t throw our own Holi exactly, even if you might think we did looking at the colorful limbs and tables and what not… (I decided to wear black for the occasion which seems like one of my brighter moments).

We spent a whole afternoon, and some bits of the following morning (and I’m sure Tove can explain all about that extra dying in the morning…), dying yarn. This was a bit of a try-out-different-ways-of-dying. So we tried cold colors (Jeaba), Jacquard Acid, Cool Aid and food colors. We will talk more about the different ways of dying yarn in a couple of coming blog posts.

The result was however quite stunning! Some crazy, but most really colorful and sooo beautiful! (And just because I think you love pictures as much as we do I’ve added a lot of them!)