Here’s looking at you

I was out cutting some smaller branches when suddenly I came across something magical. Some of them had like a pink eye. (They make me think of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.)
I’ve been meaning to try making buttons from branches the whole summer. Now I couldn’t resist getting started.
I wonder if that pink will remain though as they dry up. I’ll just have to wait and see. And then drilling the holes without breaking them…


Omg coconut shell buttons!

The progress of my waistcoat is, I have to say, quite good. So I’ve started thinking about what buttons to use. I had nothing exciting at home so I turned to the computer and a new favorite spot:

I’m starting to think you can find anything you need on Etsy. I just randomly typed button, ran a search in the supplier category and hello buttons! After a few pages I found them. Coconut shell buttons with intricate patterns!

I think they will go perfectly with my moss green waistcoat, don’t you? The only problem with ordering online is that you have to wait for them… But then I have some more rows and some blocking and sewing left before it’s time to place the buttons.