Hematit scarf finished!

The hematit scarf (from my Amethyst scarf pattern) is now finished, blocked and everything. I tried adding a cinnamon bark oil to the blocking bath and now the finished scarf has a pleasant cinammony scent (not that I mind the wooly scent, I just felt like experimenting).

And just as I finished the January cold set in along with snow (which we’ve had very little of this season). Perfect scenery for showing of my finished item…, buuuut freezing! Minus 10 degrees celsius! But it was, understandably, a quick photo session.





Now I just have to figure out the best shipping rates and list this lovely scarf on easy.com – exciting!


My colleague’s finished Amethyst Scarf

My colleague has finished her Amethyst Scarf – isn’t it wonderful!!!

She told me it’s the most beautiful item she has ever knitted and the most complicated (and that her daughter, the recipient, has been eying it in wonder longing for it to get finished). I feel like a proud teacher or something. But a little stunned by the fact that she thought it was a difficult pattern. We think it is because she’s not used to knit lace at all.



Coaching my colleague and placing beads

Today I’ve been coaching my colleague. She is knitting my Amethyst Scarf and is doing it a bit differently. We compared:

Photo 2013-04-30 12 27 14

She doesn’t have as small a crochet hook for placing beads as do I (0.6 mm), so she invented her own way using angling line.

First you place the bead on the angling line and then you pull it through the live stitch where you will place the bead.

Photo 2013-04-30 12 29 10

Again pull the angling line through the bead thus forming a loop through the live stitch.

Photo 2013-04-30 12 29 22

Finally you pull the bead from the angling line loop and on to the live stitch:

Photo 2013-04-30 12 29 26


I tight, you loose…

One of my friends have taken up knitting my Amethyst scarf for her daughter. She liked the concept of placing gemstones and especially the amerhysts. This gemstone in particular is said to have calming and healing properties. It provides calm, balance, peace and patience to it’s bearer. It’s a personal favourite gemstone of mine.


However we noticed that my friend knits quite loosely and even when she’d gone down in needle size it’s coming out loose. Conclusion: I knit very thightly! So check gauge and make sure it comes out the way you prefer.