Neighbors and alpacas

Okay, so here’s a bit of gossip. Apparently (dramatic paus) there are alpacas living just a couple of kilometers from my house (!!!) and I DIDN’T KNOW. One of my neighbors told me (it’s her parents keeping them) and I’ve been out and about with the pram trying to glimpse them. No suck luck just yet.

I’m planning (hoping) to buy some wool from them. And as it happens my neighbor is interested in learning to spinn (I did offer her a go on Clara). Just when we were chatting away about classes another neighbor joined in and announced that she too had taken the same class as me and Tove at Boda Backe (not at the same time obviously, THAT I would have noticed).

I’ll let you know on the progress of glimpsing alpacas! And buying wool. Or if we suddenly start spinn-get-togethers out here on the countryside. (The latter most unlikely…)


Cute, sooo soft and so kind

I’ve been wanting to meet alpacas for some time now. So last Friday my husband and I went to visit Kusipacha Alpacka farm. IMG_1251

Alpacas are amazingly cut animals, amazingly soft and probably the kindest animal I’ve ever met.


When they lean their ears backwards it means that they are relaxed (unlike horses…)


Alpacas are kept for their wonderful fiber. They hail from the Andes and have been domestic animals for a long time. Their closest ancestor is the vicuña, which is smaller and lives in the wild of Peru.


Some amazingly soft yarns spun from alpaca fiber.


Good fiber is soft, thick, curly like this and becomes like stamps when you cut it. It should also have a nice sheen.


The darker colors of fawn and brown are usually not as soft as the white (but still very soft).


This white is not as thick, but the sheen! It’s hard to capture it on a picture, but my mind kept thinking of silk.


This is how long the alpaca fiber is.


And finally I purchased some fiber for spinning. Some white and some brown. The fiber from the legs is either thrown away or used to stuff cushions as it’s not so fine. I got to bring some of that for my fiber loving cats.