Tea time!

Now that it’s been handed over, I can show the Tosh Tea Cakes I bought this July when visiting Jimmy Beans Wool.

These are a JBW exclusive and contain 12×20 yards of Madelinetosh yarn – I got the Tosh Merino Light version – as well as a tea bag and a biscuit, plus a link to download a mitt pattern.


Berry Blackcurrant for Anneli:


And Mojito Mint Green for me.



There will be green stripes

It was fun to experiment with my jeaba colors. Green is probably one of the trickiest colors as I have to blend in myself. Also, so many things affect the result. You cam make the shade lighter either by using the transparant dye, much yellow or the amount of dye per hank. Each method gives a different result.


To the left I used a mix of blue, quite much yellow and some purple.
The middle version is a mix of much yellow, transparent and just a little blue dye.
The right version is a mix of yellow, transparent and more blue than in the previous example. To make it kind of minty I kind of rubbed in the dye (without felting obviously) which means I didn’t need as much due as to the others.



I’ve been extremely absent from blogging this summer. It’s mostly due to my being away for a large chunk of it, and for most of that time, I was in decidedly unfriendly-for-knitting temperatures; the highest was 114F – that’s over 45C! My guess is there are not too many knitters in Lake Havasu City, Arizona!

I have managed to produce ONE sock (and a toe…) since the beginning of July, so it’s not a total collapse of my personal knitting infrastructure (pretend that made sense). And, I feel this has to count for something… I’ve acquired yarn. Boy, have I acquired yarn.

When I arrived in the US, I already had a bunch of goodies waiting for me. There was this KnitPicks roving Abby picked up for me during a sale:


There was this beauty from Hillary, as a thank you for providing her kid with Ahlgrens bilar:


There was this Juicy skein from Twisted Fiber Arts that arrived just before I did:


And then, once I was there in person, there was the Jimmy Beans haul. (Oh man, Jimmy Beans!! Even more amazing than I expected it to be. Yarn heaven. Everyone was so lovely. So much Tosh. I almost want to move to Reno.)


(There’s something missing from this picture. Stay tuned.)

Finally, there was ImagiKnit. We arrived to a dark store – yarn shopping during a power outage was a new experience. Not as impressed with ImagiKnit as with JBW, mostly due to the staff, but San Francisco wins over Reno (and pretty much everything) despite that, and it’s a lovely building, and I sure got some lovely stuff:



Then I got home and had to shove all this into my stash. Oh boy. Yarn diet here I come.


New exciting project

Or rather new project with new exciting yarn!

I’m not sure if it’s destiny or what, but the pattern I stumbled upon is actually called Soft Rainbow Shawl (from Zsuzsa Kiss). That just after I’ve finished my rainbow colored shawl. This one will be gradient, but not rainbow colored. I love the way the teal works it’s way into the brown. I hope it will turn out nicely.

The yarn is the Manitou Evolution in Arial (a super wash  merino) from Twisted Fiber Arts. It’s a wonderful light finger weight and super soft. I love working with it!




A while ago, several Swedish yarn stores participated in a week long fest to promote and celebrate local yarn stores. As part of this, they held a contest, and I was one of the winners! Woo! I never win anything usually. I was very pleased with my prize, which in my opinion was one of the nicer ones up for grabs: my choice of colour of Naturgarn’s Indiecita yarn, from Valaine Organic Lifestyle.


I picked the colour Indigo and added a few balls to my winnings to make sure I have enough for a cardi. Lovely!


Craftsy class: Know Your Wool

Craftsy class:
Know Your Wool (Free mini class)
Deborah Robson
Short description:
A mini class about the different types of wool, usage, breeds and what to keep in mind.
Things I’m taking away from this class:
  • There’s many more reasons to swatch then just to check gauge. (But I’m slightly horrified about the increasing yarn consumption…)
  • I want to learn a lot more about wool preparation. I wish there had been some more details about that.
  • Considering the things I knit I think I’m buying the right yarns.
Best moment:

Even if the sound was a little muddled I really like the fact that Deborah Robson takes us off to the wool market to check out some real live sheep.


For being a quick introduction to wool and for making way for learning more I give this Craftsy class a four out of five DPNs. I missed talking about wool preparations and how that affect the yarn. It was mentioned, but no more than to make me realize it is of importance.