Jacquard acid dyeing 

I bought these dyes in California last summer but hasn’t tried them until now. Out of the four colours I bought, we tried three: Periwinkle, Deep Orange and Vermillion. 

We started with Periwinkle, which came out a deep purpley blue that reminded us of the Tardis. We did two 100g skeins at the same time and ended up having to add more dye twice to avoid undyed bits remaining. 

These rather creepy looking dye baths are Deep Orange and Vermillion respectively. I ended up adding quite a bit of Vermillion to my orange since it was bright bright BRIGHT orange. I also had a partial sock yarn skein I dunked in this bath once this skein was all done. 

Finally, in the morning when I realised I had dyed my merino silk in crazy colours using Kool Aid… I overdyed it with Periwinkle.

Here are my skeins:

 The two on the left are from the same dye bath! Crazy to see what the different fibre does.  The two blue ones are from different dye baths. I actually really love how the red from the crazy Kool Aid experiment came through the Periwinkle: 



The power of packaging

I ordered some indie self striping sock yarn (shut up) the other week, and it finally arrived alllll the way from New Zealand.


At first I thought this was a dumb way to package yarn when sending it across the globe… But that was before I opened it and saw how ADORABLE the packaging was.




And the yarn is pretty awesome too!


Ravenclaw socks coming up


Thank you, Deb!

What’s better than a fellow knitter saving your butt by sending you their scraps? Getting an adorable knitting themed card along with the yarn!


Many, many, many thanks to Ravelry user HappyDeb for the yarn and for proving once again that knitters are amongst the friendliest people there are.


Green apples or citrus mix

My self-striping sock yarn is finally untangled and gifted to Tove. I know she will look after it properly and that feels good. I think I have to practice using that warping board to avoid the untangling business (that took me a few months, mostly walking past it sighing…)





The skein makes me think of green apples and Tove of a citrus mix.



Look what’s finished!



And the flock:


You may think that’s enough self-striping socks, especially considering I have several more skeins stashed (including these two lovely ones I bought only last weekend).


The other week I managed to see a skein of Lollipop Yarn in The Rainbow Connection (which is even BETTER than this one I was craving last year) being destashed on Ravelry. I’ve had terrible experiences trying to get my hands on Lollipop Yarn and found the owner really quite rude, so I’d pretty much given up on ever getting a skein, but I managed to be the first one to go GIMME GIMME GIMME and lovely Marie sent this beauty my way:


I just want to sit and stare at it.


I call it ‘Time Travel’

When I purchased my first Jeaba colors the shop keeper said it was impossible to dye an ugly skein. Well, so it wasn’t exactly ugly, but let’s say a little too wild and crazy for me. Too many shades spanning from very light to very dark. I just knew it wouldn’t knit well. So I had a second go, and you might remember, ehrm, forgot it… Oh, well! It turned into a wonderful skein and I’ve proudly named it ‘Time Travel’.

2014-11-28 20.48.57


Forgetting that dye

I dyed a Madelinetosh Merino Light earlier this year that came out a bit too crazy for my tast. Too much contrast and too many shades. I have since then planned to improve it and did so this last Wednesday. However my memory is a bit poor at the moment (or perhaps my mind is fully occupied with a whole bunch of other things to remember…)
Anyway, I forgot about it and realized yesterday (half a week later) that I had an ongoing dye sitting in the bathroom waiting to be rinsed. Ooops!



The pictures come out a little light. The yarn is actually quite dark with a hint of petrol and purple in it.