Sometimes it’s hard to stay serious when posing in front of a cake.

You may be suddenly ravenous for the cake…


…. or thinking you’re a cake salesperson…


… or an even cheesier cake salesperson…


… or Downton Abbey-esque proper ladies (because the lampshade looked like a parasol):


And then when you go to post the photographic evidence you may come up with cheesy puns for your cheesy pictures. You’re welcome. 😉


Happy anniversary Toshwood!!!

I can’t believe we’ve been blogging about knitting for a whole year! Exactly one year ago we published our first blog post on Toshwood. It’s been a great year of knitting, yarn and spinning. Tove and I would like to thank all of our wonderful readers!


And just because we’re sooo proud of our Toshwood cake:



Toshwood goes Cake Boss

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Cake Boss episodes on Netflix. I love them! They are short, inspiring and easy going. No huge dramas or traumas. Just good relaxing telly. My only problem is that there’s only four seasons…
So the Toshwood blog has been going for almost a year now. Why not do something fun and inspiring to celebrate? Like having Toshwood go Cake Boss for a day? (No reason to mention that I was dreaming about Toshwood cakes once I came up with that idea, right?)
I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of that modeling chocolate (of course, pronounced with a real Hoboken accent) and found Strössel & annat online to order from.
We had a good time decorating (me, Tove and Tove’s friend Abby). The cake turned out gorgeous (no previews!) and delicious (not even a crumble left at this point I’m afraid), but getting the modeling choclate soft and workable took some muscles. It looks sooo easy on Cake Boss! Well, it got a lot easier when we heated it up a little, but my hands were still aching a little the day after.

More Moo

Seems I was juuuust the tiniest bit too quick with my entry yesterday, as I received an email from Moo today:

For all of March, all new customers making their first purchase receive 10% off if they follow this link. Like I said yesterday (before I received this email!) I was really impressed with both their products and their service, and will definitely use them again.

In addition to business cards and stickers, they also offer postcards, notecards and various accessories. Code is valid for all of them, so have a look!

(this entry is coming to you from Zurich airport, Switzerland. It’s an international blog today!)


Presenting the shops

If you look at the menu up on top, you may notice a new link: our shop section! Check it out for cool stuff and a discount for blog readers :-)

To go with the shops, we invested in some of these:



They’re from Moo and we are very pleased with how they turned out. We went for the mini cards and sticker books, and if I may say so, they look awesome! Very easy site to use (once we narrowed down what we wanted… Anneli created about 27 different sticker designs!) and very fast shipping. Very pleased indeed.

(I’m also quite pleased with how well my ironing board matches the blog! What a coincidence.)


Say hi!

Unless our stat counter is lying to us, we actually have readers that AREN’T related to us by blood! So we thought we’d have a little poll to see if some of you aren’t spambots.

Where are you from?

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Additionally, if you’d like to say hi in the comments, we’d love that! This is us saying hi at an 18th century fair at an old silver mine last weekend:


(Anneli would like to point out that she’s not always in regency gear. She works it, though!)


Hexi-sewing Wednesday

We took advantage of May Day to assemble the secret hexipuff project. Pictures of the finished result coming real soon!


Toshwood 1.0

After many hours spent tweaking it, I’m finally happy with the layout for the blog. (Perfectionist, who’s a perfectionist..?) Anneli and I are calling the colour scheme “Stormy Sea Stitches” and it was based on the very simple idea that she really likes blue and I really like green. The colours used are the following:

#006064 #05296E #24913C #1144AA

#E5FFEB #65E080 #F0F8F9 #A8EDF0

The theme we’re using is Patchwork by Caroline Moore, heavily edited. Thanks to Caroline for the great theme and also for helping with coding!

The fonts used are Droid Sans for main body text, Josefin Slab for entry and sidebar headings, Raleway for the blog header and headings in entries, and EB Garamond for the blog subtitle.

The background image – or “wallpaper” as we like to call it – was generated on www.colourlovers.com and can be found here.

Many thanks to my sister Sanna who proved that the one and a half year she spent studying programming wasn’t wasted time and helped me fix the final few issues I couldn’t work out on my own.

Now with that out of the way, it’s hexipuff time! The weekend is almost over and let’s just say I have NOT finished all four remaining ones…!