The spell of beads

Anyone who has followed the blog knows about my obsession with beads and especially gemstone beads. Some of them had too small holes for knitting so Tove’s bracelet idea has come as a blessing to my bead stash. 

I’m thinking of Chesire from Alice in Wonderland, but Tove suggested sunset (surprisingly…)

Space, stars, nebulas and planets 😉
A little ancient Egypt about this set. 


New toys!

After sitting on and breaking needle after needle, I decided I needed some new ones. I did a LOT of research and finally decided on Chiaogoo’s SPIN interchangeables. I ordered them from Purlescence, and got my order really promptly, but due to a small snafu I ended up with the metal TWIST tips instead of my bamboo ones (I’d ordered a Twist cable as well, as they all work together). They were lovely about it though and sent me the correct ones right away and let me keep the metal ones, so now I have tons of new needles to test! Review coming up when I do.



Trying Adobe Color

During half of december I’ve been trying out the mobile app Color from Adobe. It doesn’t always combine the colors you want (or mostly never), and you have to be quick capturing the beautiful themes as they alter constantly. I also miss a feature for saving the images on my phone as well as seeing the hex. But it can definitely work as an inspiration. Here are some december catches:

(Did I mention that I like blue…?)


Karbonz and Madelinetosh Chunky

I’ve switched from wood needles to Knit Pro’s karbonz on my Silver Belle. They work much better with the yarn (Madelinetosh chunky), also considering the fact that I’m pulling the yarn sooo tight. It’s the effect of all the cables. I can’t stand loose purls next to the cables… So I’m pulling.



Craftsy class: Know Your Wool

Craftsy class:
Know Your Wool (Free mini class)
Deborah Robson
Short description:
A mini class about the different types of wool, usage, breeds and what to keep in mind.
Things I’m taking away from this class:
  • There’s many more reasons to swatch then just to check gauge. (But I’m slightly horrified about the increasing yarn consumption
  • I want to learn a lot more about wool preparation. I wish there had been some more details about that.
  • Considering the things I knit I think I’m buying the right yarns.
Best moment:

Even if the sound was a little muddled I really like the fact that Deborah Robson takes us off to the wool market to check out some real live sheep.


For being a quick introduction to wool and for making way for learning more I give this Craftsy class a four out of five DPNs. I missed talking about wool preparations and how that affect the yarn. It was mentioned, but no more than to make me realize it is of importance.


Discovering Craftsy

Some months back Tove and I did a theme week with our best tips for where to find supplies, patterns, you name it. Doing our investigation we discovered things that were new to us too. Some new things just had to cook for a while. Suddenly I got a newsletter from Craftsy about their video classes and especially one about how to design your own lace shawls. (I don’t read newsletter too often. You know, just scrambling through before deleting them.) This time however I stopped eying it through carefully.

Craftsy is a learning platform with video based courses in not only knitting, but anything handcrafted. I’m looking at the knitting and yarn related courses (no surprise there I think).

There’s mini couses which are free and there are more extensive courses that you pay for. (Naturally I’ve signed up for Miriam Felton’s class Lace Shawl Design. Being a bit of a language geek (sometimes) I’ve also signed up for Edie Eckman’s How to Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters.

You can find Craftsy online, but also easily accessed via their mobile app. (I’m especially fond of easy access and being able to view the courses on my mobile, on my apple tv or the computer just gives me all the options I need).


Organizing beads

Okay, so I guess you wouldn’t be terribly interested in me organizing beads… It’s just that some cats are more photogenic than others (not thinking about any cat in particular… lalala). This is my little lens shy princess helping me out.




Hello Jeaba!

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Conveniently I discovered that they’ve opened a covered market (Saluhallen Slakteriet) in VĂ€sterĂ„s where GĂ„rdsmejeri Ostbiten och AteljĂ© NorrgĂ„rden has a small corner. Among cheeses and yarn they also sell Jeaba for dying yarn. I wished for the start kit!


Needing some yarn to try my new colors on I set to spin the last of my white alpaca fleece into a nice single ply fingering weight.




Your chair?! How do you mean??

Learning a few tricks about a good soaking and drying the yarn stretched to keep my single ply from twirling itself. (Both I and Tove are EXTREMELY fond of single ply yarns). Oh, and I had some soap in the water as the alpaca fleece wasn’t washed.



Then to the dying part (wearing plastic gloves to keep from dying myself too…) I found it easiest to work the color into the yarn using my plastic glove covered fingers.



Then the yarn and the color will rest for about 24 hours.

package to rest 2

Washed and hanging to dry. Sneaky tip of how to stretch the yarn while drying.