Continuing the tale of the Whale(s Road)…

I wound all three bobbins onto my niddy noddy, splicing the ends (as well as where the yarn broke due to being underspun) together.


Shiny. I wanted to keep it as a single, so off it came…


SPROOOOOOOOOING. Into the bath with you.


I let it soak for a while and then gave it some good ole thwacks against the bathroom wall. Finishing yarn is SO satisfying. Good if you have any lingering annoyances.

I tried measuring while I skeined, and the figure I came up with was about 750 metres. This seems like a lot to me. I’m sort of half convinced I got it wrong. It’s mostly a light fingering, though:


It’s actually pretty tricky to photograph. It comes out looking either bluer than it is…


… Or too purple:


I think the picture that’s truest to life is the first one in this entry, on the niddy noddy. Either way, it’s gorgeous, and I am kind of ridiculously proud of it. I keep staring at it and feeling like a superstar. (Even though 99% of the magic is the dye job, which I can’t take any credit for.) I MADE that! Go me!!


Whales Road

I spent a few evenings last week with my Malabrigo Nube in Whales Road, which started out like this:




This is the first hand dyed braid I’ve ever spun. I’m a big, big Malabrigo fan and have been for about as long as I’ve been knitting, so I was really looking forward to spinning this. However, before I could do that, I had to spend about two and a half hours splitting, fluffing, and predrafting. That sucker was compact.


Fluff fluff fluff.

I split the braid lengthwise into six parts before fluffing and predrafting, and ended up with this:


I then spun them onto three bobbins, one per night. One part had some few odd lumps, but other than that, it spun really evenly and easily (which it should with that much prep work needed) and was very enjoyable.


First bobbin. To be continued!


All mine

So I thought I’d try to actually USE some of my handspun yarn for something. Mine and Helena’s first coproduction yielded a decent amount of mostly-even off white yarn:


I plied most of it, but one bobbin’s worth I left as a single.


I also had the brown and grey (one of them is Romney but I can’t remember WHICH) yarn from the spinning class Anneli and I took this autumn.

So this….


… became this:


It’s extremely funny looking when on its own, all lumpy and uneven. I didn’t bother with gauge; just picked 28sts because it seemed like it’d work and knit all the yarn on 4.5mm DPNs, regardless of weight. All the colour changes are based on 6 rows (6, 12, 18 etc) and while they may look misshapen off the hands, I actually think they look pretty good on!


I’ve never really got the point of mitts before but I think these changed my mind. They’re super warm (a little itchy though) and one day as I was walking home, hands jammed in my pockets against the wind, I remembered I had these in my bag.


Totally made a difference. I may be a mitt convertee yet. And I feel really proud of these, my first handspun knit! They’re very post-apocalyptic chic. Very Hunger Games. I’m calling them my Bad Wolf Moment mitts.

I kind of love them.


Wheel “adoption”

Unlike Anneli, I didn’t have the luck of finding an “antique” spinning wheel (not to mention that it’d be very hard to fit one in my flat), which was one of the reasons I decided to go for a new, modern one. I ended up choosing the Fantasia because of three things: features, price, and design. Fantasia gives you a lot of wheel for a very reasonable price, and I really like the more modern look, and I think it goes well in my home!

Once I had selected which wheel to get I had to decide WHERE to get it. I ended up buying it from a Danish seller, Charlotte at Ægbækgaard. The reason I chose Charlotte’s shop was that not only did she have a great price (both the item AND shipping was cheaper than in the Swedish shop…), she replied to my email within an hour, and was consistently great in regards to correspondence.

Once I placed my order I had my wheel within a week, and Charlotte had added some lovely bonuses:


Both the book and the undyed roving where “extras” that Charlotte added. Such a lovely gesture that really put the cherry on top of an already great purchase! I will definitely return to Ægbækgaard for other purchases – they have some really lovely roving in a variety of different fibres…


Fantastic Fantasia

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to the second most important new arrival to the Toshwood “family”:


She’s a very distant second to a very special lady who also arrived last week, but I think she’s pretty awesome anyway! She’s a Kromski Fantasia, and her name is Helena, after one of my favourite ladies in sci fi:


Just like her namesake, she’s a modern twist on a classic. I just hope she’s slightly less stubborn..!




My wheel is waiting for me at the post office!! So exciting!

(Picture from the Stockholm City Museum. I didn’t really have time to have a good look at the section about crafts, but look how cute!)


Roving on Esty is a gold mine for many things. Lately I’ve been discovering roving. I’m not sure about import rules for raw fleece so roving seems a better option.

2014-02-23 15.14.35

Super soft merino from linda desbiens, wool and silk blend from Mara and baby alpaca from alltheprettyfibers. Sometime soon I’ll turn them into yarn!


Fluff for later

While I was in the US, I got some roving for spinning.



KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, and



… Malabrigo Nube. These are so pretty I almost just want to use them as decoration! Which is good for now, because I still don’t have a wheel, so…