Tea, bullfinches and star whales

Birds like oats so I’m thinking how to put birds on my sheaf scarf. I ordered a couple of pins from Etsy (no surprise there). Ideally I’d like a bullfinch and had a go at crocheting one… erhm, didn’t go too well I’m afraid. Didn’t look like a bullfinch in any case.

When I was a kid I used to make little figures in modeling clay or similar, like the mice there – they hail from that time.


So I had a go at making a bullfinch and well, he’s kind of cute.


And then some tea, hard bread, cookies (and yes, ALL cookies are for me) and Doctor Who.



Estonian lace and Haapsalu shawls

Nordiska Museet in Stockholm arranges knitting cafés once a month.  I have attended one before and this time I went with my friend Nafiza. We were a handful brave younger knitters while the rest were quite a bit older than us. I would love to see more young people there!

Nordiska museet

This time the presentation was held by Triinu Andreassen who explained the history of traditional Estonian lace and showed some patterns. She has worked for about ten years as an instructor.

Photo 2013-04-24 18 47 08

Afterwards we got a chance to pet and admire her work. Something Tove and I have in common with Triinu is the personal favourite: Merino yarns (weeeell, Malabrigo in her case, Tosh in ours…). But she admitted that the stiffer wool holds the shape much better after blocking.

I didn’t know anything about Estonian lace or the Haapsalu shawls before this evening. So, very interesting!


Aran ganseys, yarn, and islands… kind of

Yesterday I took a trip to the west of Ireland and the city of Galway. While I did not get to visit the famous-for-knitters Aran islands, I did see them…


… as well as shops selling the ganseys…


… and I did some shopping!


They came in 250 gram hanks (for €9.99 which I thought was a steal) and for some reason I thought I might need two for a traditional Irish scarf…


… I may have gone slightly overboard.

I also found a sheet describing the meaning of the patterns used for the ganseys. Really interesting stuff!



Omg coconut shell buttons!

The progress of my waistcoat is, I have to say, quite good. So I’ve started thinking about what buttons to use. I had nothing exciting at home so I turned to the computer and a new favorite spot: etsy.com

I’m starting to think you can find anything you need on Etsy. I just randomly typed button, ran a search in the supplier category and hello buttons! After a few pages I found them. Coconut shell buttons with intricate patterns!

I think they will go perfectly with my moss green waistcoat, don’t you? The only problem with ordering online is that you have to wait for them… But then I have some more rows and some blocking and sewing left before it’s time to place the buttons.


Things I want to knit

Right now I have two puffs to finish, and then two gloves, and then a hat, and then if I’m totally honest, a sock and a half, but I put those as hibernating on Ravelry, so they don’t really count. (These are my rules which I have made up. Yes.) The urge to finish any of these… it’s not overwhelming, let’s put it that way.

Here are three things I DO have an overwhelming urge to start, but won’t, because I have at least three OTHER things I’ve already bought yarn for and planned and everything and once I start them it’ll probably be awesome, but… but. But right now, I want to knit THESE.

Sperry, which I WILL be making at some point. I know exactly in which yarn and in which colourways I will make it, and it will (hopefully) be chronicled here on the blog once I do, but I am NOT going to make it now, no matter how tempted I am. Nope.

His Golden Lair, in Tosh Sock in Moorland. Will be gorgeous. Green shawls are always needed. Have the yarn already. Resisting the urge.

Peggy Sue – no idea what yarn or colour but look how cute it isssss. Perfect spring cardi! Free pattern!

(I feel like I should probably confess that this “I wanna make this NOW!” feeling is how I felt about the three things currently next on my to do list about three months ago. What can I say, my knitting urges are fickle.)