Dagny Beret pattern available on Ravelry

It’s been a while, and I confess, I won’t have the time to be very active for some time yet. Had a precious little son in November last year… so the kids pretty much take all my time.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve published an English version of the Dagny Beret pattern on Ravelry. Quite late, yes, I know… The baby situation I mentioned earlier. Enjoy the pattern! Now during milder winter days I use my pink Dagny daily. It’s a treasure!


A moss green west goes teal

Remember that moss green west I knitted with the coconut shell buttons? I don’t blame you if you don’t. It was ages ago. It was knitted in a madelinetosh that I dyed with mushrooms and well, I’ve heard that dying with mushrooms doesn’t hold the color too well. It had turned more towards a dirty brown and yellowy shade.


I decided to try the Jacquard’s Acid Dye Teal that Tove brought me back from the States.




The really cool part is how in some places the moss green still comes through. It gives the west more life. I’ve already used it twice since re-dying it. Love it!


Rainbow shawl finished

My Soft Rainbow Shawl by Zsuzsa Kiss is finished. Mine is knitted in Twisted Fibre Art’s Evolution. I did a 5 section shawl and knitted all charts once, but the last chart I had to cut down a bit. So I knitted the first 4 rows plus wrong side rows and the last 5 rows plus wrong side rows. Of course with minor modifications to make the last rows fit.

It looks almost blue in the pictures, but is in fact teal and brown.






Normally I’d say this is pretty useless as far as finished objects go in the middle of the summer, but it’s currently raining and 13C sooooo…


I love them. The yarn is like a hug for your feet. Not sold on the sweet tomato heel. One of these has a bazillion huge loops on the inside of the short rows… And it’s not even the first one I made so I can’t blame the new technique. 


I finished a sock last night

Grafting doesn’t count. 

I love it so much I’m not even feeling any hints of SSS. 

I also finished, A LONG TIME AGO, three baby cardigans for three little American boys born in December and January: 


And for my cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish’s* birthday, I made her a Spice Trade Shawl in Tosh Mo Light in Saffron. 

* whilst marathoning Parks and Rec. Obviously. Because birthday girl recommended it, and because she is, without a doubt, my very own Ann Perkins. <3


My Dagny is published

Sunday was a big day in my knitting life. Somehow I miraculously managed to get a pattern into a knit webzine: Avmaskat

It has been an adventure and a lot of hard work. I sent in a proposal only thinking it would come to nothing. But as the proposal was accepted the Christmas holiday became a little more hectic than I had planned. I’m so pleased with the result. Dagny really did turn into a wonderful beret. 

Avmaskat wanted the pink version and I felt that at least for myself I had to knit the mint and pink one I had dreamt up. 


Isabella’s Necklace

I tried a different necklace look than the rococo and came up with Isabella’s Necklace. She breaths of north and ice and the arctic. Colors I love. 

I’ve placed amber and turquoise howlite gemstone beads along with sterling silver. The amber gemstone is said to represent life and the howlite to give strength and energy.