Geeky yarn colors

Tove once said that if she owned a yarn company she would love to come up with the names for all the various colors produced. Both Madelinetosh and Malabrigo do in my opinion take this with naming the colors seriously! (I’m sure there’s others too, like Manos and so on).

I had suggested coloring with plants some time ago. I’ve only done that when I was in school and 10 years old or something. I remember the onion peels and the witchy pot! That’s about it. Oh, and the relatively boring color shades. When I started reading up on it I found that you could dye with mushrooms – and such beautiful colors! Wonderful reds! Living in a country with lot of forest and mushrooms comes in handy. So I set out picking and filled the kitchen table over and over…

Photo 2012-08-25 21 00 17

I’ve now dyed a little on my own. It requires some time and patience. The mushrooms must boil about an hour to extract the color and then the yarn needs to almost boil with it for another hour or so. Depending on how much color is left in the water you can dye more yarn, which will get a lighter shade.

Of course, I knew nothing about dying with mushrooms when I started out, but I found Lystickan’s book Färgsvampar & svampfärgning by Hjördis Lundmark and Hans Marklund. It is in Swedish though…

Here are my results and my geeky color names! Tove has helped me with picking some of them. I refrained from calling the light green Slitheen… hmmm, even if the shade is right, the association is altogether unpleasant!