My brother is getting married in September. I know, it is only February, and what am I up to? Planning what to wear… I was considering designing a bolero as it will most likely be a little cool. Something nice to go with the dress(es). But I’m not sure I have time to stick in a new project of that size and finish at the end if summer. 

After giving it some more thought I think giving an effort to finish my Silver Belle. Thunderstorm will go wonderfully with both dark blue snd dark green. And I’ve been thinking of placing a few sterling silver beads to give it a touch of the starry night sky. We’ll see. 

Annoyingly enough this is when the &@);&)?!?!!? knitting wire broke. Can it even do that?! The project is now safely moved to a new wire. But soo frustrating when I have so little knit time as it is. 


Sudoku mystery unravelled

Well, here it is: A knitted Rococo necklace. I’m trying to work out what a Rococo selfie would look like.

What do you think? Am I close?


And knitting faster isn’t helping, either…

Remember Jackson Square? Probably not, since I started it well over a year ago. Eleventysix billion rows of twisted 2×1 ribbing later…

Foto 2014-12-14 21 43 25

(Please note that it’s twisted on the WS as well as the RS. I am so good at ptbl now.)

… I finally got to the fun lace part:

Foto 2014-12-20 16 00 28

… and ran out of yarn.

Foto 2014-12-20 16 00 10

8g of yarn left, with six rows and then the picot bind off to go. Not gonna happen.

A wonderful fellow raveller has promised to see if she still has her scraps of the same yarn, and if so will send them to me. Otherwise I’ll just have to buck up and buy a new skein, because I am NOT ripping back. Sooooo annoying – I’m only going to be about 10g short.


Patterns and patterns

There are many ways to author knit patterns. Some good, others not so good. As you might have seen I’m working on a hat for my baby girl and this pattern is lacking in many ways.

1. The pattern is basically just a huge chart covering everything. Instead of braking it down with repeats of smaller chart chunks I’m squinting my eyes, making mistakes and so on because it’s difficult to see where I am (and since many parts are repeats I find it hard to understand why it’s charted this way).

2014-11-10 18.30.49

2. There’s no row count or even stitch count maked. I’ve marked it out myself as a help.

2014-11-25 14.45.05

3. Later on there are increases and decreases, but the effect doesn’t show in the chart. I.e. the stitch count is off.

Of course you can write patterns like this not too concerned about the knitter and half expecting only skilled knitters to buy your patterns and books.

But I find that I much prefer the patterns that are authored with care to encourage knitters to learn new techniques etc. Not fogetting the challenge in braking down charts into nice followable chunks and neat succint instructions.

Foto 2014-11-22 10 02 52


Back on track

So I paused the evolution shawl. I reached chart 3 and the knit count was off. Had 2 extra stitches in each section. I hate when stuff like that happens. Just stops the flow. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if there’s been one too many increases in the previous chart. I don’t really care at this point. Just glad I’m back on track.




I’ve mostly been knitting on things I can’t blog about lately, but these aren’t included in that. Cast on before I went to Barcelona, knit on in the Arizona desert, LA, San Francisco… and not one single row on an airplane, as always. I must just not be a plane knitter.

Skew in Fab Funky Fibre’s Northern Lights.

Moment of “how on EARTH will this turn into a heel”…

But it did!


And two. Well. One and a… quarter.