Happy New Year!!!

Tove spent the New Year’s Eve with my family, taking tea and watching Doctor Who (funny enough that Robin Hood episode with Clara in that amazing outfit). I did some knitting, while Tove resisted the temptation due to a stiff shoulder. 

We also discussed colour analysis and laughed about our colour choises in our DK Tosh shawls. So here’s Mrs Blue Shawl and Miss Orange Shawl wishing you all an amazing and knitty 2016!



Seven blue shawls

To the question “how many shawls do you need of your favourite color” I’ve always said seven. Tove and I laugh about it sometimes when we think we’ve knitted too many shawls for ourselves.

I’ve learnt something essential lately with regard to my favourite color: Blue. For the last few yesrs the colors I love best are light blue snd dark blue. (I guess I keep sharing that bit about myself huh…) There are two chakras, the one in the forehead, the third eye with he color of indigo and the one on the throat which is light blue. In the latter I’ve always experirnced some serious blockage. Now I learnt that my third eye is overstimulated. Turns out I use it a lot to channel other peoples emotions. I’ve known for quite a while that I channel other peoples emotions, just not that I used the third eye to do so. I was told that I need to carry or wear something blue to help with these chakras. I said how curious it is that I’m so drawn tho these colors. In return I was told it’s because I reslly need them.

As it happens I’ve finally taken up my knitting again. (Nowadays I can knit a few rows when the family is gathered without having someone tearing my knitting away). I’m knitting a shawl from that gorgeous indigo silk/merino blend I dyed this summer. I have felt all along that I can’t wait for it to be finished and that I really need it. Turns out I do. More than I thought.



The latter image is more true to the real color.


Rainbow shawl progress

I’ve not been knitting an awfully lot lately, but just a few weeks ago I picked up my Rainbow Shawl again. It is almost finished. Right now I have about 4 more rows to go and bind off. So I’m trying to get through these rows. I’m knitting 5 sections and every chart once, but because I don’t have enough yarn I’m skipping some rows in the last chart.

2015-07-10 13.34.30

And here’s one shot from the one time I’ve spend knitting in the hammock this summer. If it’s not too cold, it’s either raining of it’s wet. I don’t mind it terribly, but some people might want to hang me for saying that.

2015-07-14 11.53.09

And here’s enjoying the knitting evenings with my cats, some tee and Miss Fisher.

2015-07-24 21.07.37


Craft cheating

I’m in some kind of knitting slump lately. There has been some sock progress: 


I’ve been a bit preoccupied with various bracelet projects. Nice for a change and much quicker than a lace weight cardigan…




Why I should swatch

I recently cast on for the Whisper cardigan, using the recommended needle size of 4.5mm. Then I ripped it, and cast on using 4mm, and knit something like 40 rows. Then I stopped lying to myself, ripped it, and cast on with 3.5mm needles. 

Finally getting a fabric I like and a gauge that’s not crazypants off. I always think of myself as a pretty tight knitter so who even knows what’s going on there. 

As a bonus, this lets me use my new Chiaogoo spins! Very impressed so far, though there is a bit of a snagging problem with the joints sometimes. The swivel is great though and I love the tips themselves. 


I finished a sock last night

Grafting doesn’t count. 

I love it so much I’m not even feeling any hints of SSS. 

I also finished, A LONG TIME AGO, three baby cardigans for three little American boys born in December and January: 


And for my cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish’s* birthday, I made her a Spice Trade Shawl in Tosh Mo Light in Saffron. 

* whilst marathoning Parks and Rec. Obviously. Because birthday girl recommended it, and because she is, without a doubt, my very own Ann Perkins. <3


Knitting hours

It’s Thursday night. Elevenish something. I’ve kind of lost count of the minutes, even hours. It’s my first week back at work after the maternity leave. I’m tired. I’ve tried sleeping on my jacket on the floor. A pair of green very annoyed eyes are watching my every move. 

The prince of yarn (that gray cat you might have heard about…) has gotten himself into trouble. So instead of being home in my cosy bed I’m spending the evening on a hard chair at the vet’s. Fun… Not so much. I have had a go at knitting. And well, since I forgot the pattern in the leaving-home-hazzle I sort of accidently (overconfident…) made up my own. It works so no ripping. Now I just have some ribbing and shaping left, which I might try in a while, when my eyes work again. 

So, just waiting for the vet now. At his arrival he tells me he’s got a bengal (looks like Nishant, but with yellowish coat). “I think they share the same temper”, I said. “Oh-oh”, the vet replied. But Nishant was too ill to make more fuss than cats do mostly. 

Now it’s Sunday. I’ve collected the cat from the hospital for the second time. I’ve caught a cold and I don’t think that knitted hat will be large enough for my baby girl. I’ve decided to finish it anyway. Maybe it’ll fit her teddy…