We do love green

Out and about to discover the amazing greens at this time of year. I can’t help but thinking of them i terms of madelinetosh color names…


This one if with Tove in mind. I know she’s very fond of the rich varm greens.


And this one is more for me as I tend to fall in love with teal and turquoise.

Just a couple images for inspiration!



The pattern testing adventure

I’ve never tested patterns before, but it’s been an experience! It’s good actually, and from now on I shall try to have all patterns tested.

Tove said there were forums for this on Ravelry so I had a look and found an extremely strict one. (I was sweating when posting there, honestly). And Tove was like “What forum is that???!?”. 

I like clear ground rules. It simplifies a lot and you know what to expect. I’m all for a method of doing things, but it took me a while to figure out what is wrong here.

This forum shouldn’t be a forum. It should be a ticket system. Like an issue management system similar to Jira by Atlassian for example. (IT geek warning, yes, I know, sorry! But just in case the mod team would see this post it could be helpful information.)

In fact, this is what happens when you use technical solutions the wrong way. The administration becomes wast and the framework extensive and intimidating. The thing is that ususlly the people who started it up are completely unaware of it. They’ve been there from the beginning and they know it through and through. This, while newbees are scared away. So perhaps Ravelry needs a ticket solution in the future where you can set up workflows for groups with methods like this.

In the end I got some amazing help and feedback for the Dagny beret and I got to meet a couple of really nice knitters. There’s obviously much more to gain than just to have your patterns tested!


My Dagny is published

Sunday was a big day in my knitting life. Somehow I miraculously managed to get a pattern into a knit webzine: Avmaskat

It has been an adventure and a lot of hard work. I sent in a proposal only thinking it would come to nothing. But as the proposal was accepted the Christmas holiday became a little more hectic than I had planned. I’m so pleased with the result. Dagny really did turn into a wonderful beret. 

Avmaskat wanted the pink version and I felt that at least for myself I had to knit the mint and pink one I had dreamt up. 


Knitting hours

It’s Thursday night. Elevenish something. I’ve kind of lost count of the minutes, even hours. It’s my first week back at work after the maternity leave. I’m tired. I’ve tried sleeping on my jacket on the floor. A pair of green very annoyed eyes are watching my every move. 

The prince of yarn (that gray cat you might have heard about…) has gotten himself into trouble. So instead of being home in my cosy bed I’m spending the evening on a hard chair at the vet’s. Fun… Not so much. I have had a go at knitting. And well, since I forgot the pattern in the leaving-home-hazzle I sort of accidently (overconfident…) made up my own. It works so no ripping. Now I just have some ribbing and shaping left, which I might try in a while, when my eyes work again. 

So, just waiting for the vet now. At his arrival he tells me he’s got a bengal (looks like Nishant, but with yellowish coat). “I think they share the same temper”, I said. “Oh-oh”, the vet replied. But Nishant was too ill to make more fuss than cats do mostly. 

Now it’s Sunday. I’ve collected the cat from the hospital for the second time. I’ve caught a cold and I don’t think that knitted hat will be large enough for my baby girl. I’ve decided to finish it anyway. Maybe it’ll fit her teddy…


Trying Adobe Color

During half of december I’ve been trying out the mobile app Color from Adobe. It doesn’t always combine the colors you want (or mostly never), and you have to be quick capturing the beautiful themes as they alter constantly. I also miss a feature for saving the images on my phone as well as seeing the hex. But it can definitely work as an inspiration. Here are some december catches:

(Did I mention that I like blue…?)


New exciting year!

It’s a new exciting year and what am I doing? Well, knitting like crazy because, ehrm, a magazine accepted my design proposal (which is great, really, but somehow I thought they wouldn’t…), checking how test knitting works on ravelry (feeling convinced I will manage to get banned from the test forum one way or another! The forum rules are extensive…) and reading up on the new horrid VAT regulations for digital sales in EU. I mean, do they want small businesses like designers selling a few patterns every year? I think not! And after worrying about my own sales and the &()/@!?! administration needed it hits me: Probably many designers will just stop selling patterns to EU based customers! This is where all color came off my face and I’m trying to breath. I really, really hope it won’t come to this.


Thank you, Deb!

What’s better than a fellow knitter saving your butt by sending you their scraps? Getting an adorable knitting themed card along with the yarn!


Many, many, many thanks to Ravelry user HappyDeb for the yarn and for proving once again that knitters are amongst the friendliest people there are.