Dyeing away

Guess what? I found one skein in natural. Yeay!!! So I’ve been thinking what to do with it colourwise and thought I’d make it a two-step dye. 

First I’ve dyed it in Jeaba cold colours transparent with a tiny bit of cerise. I eorked in the dye until it covered the whole skein. Very little dye in fact so it barely soaked the whole skein. Then I added a few drops of cerise just before finishing. It’s wonderful already! Reminds me of my orchids. 



Happy New Year!!!

Tove spent the New Year’s Eve with my family, taking tea and watching Doctor Who (funny enough that Robin Hood episode with Clara in that amazing outfit). I did some knitting, while Tove resisted the temptation due to a stiff shoulder. 

We also discussed colour analysis and laughed about our colour choises in our DK Tosh shawls. So here’s Mrs Blue Shawl and Miss Orange Shawl wishing you all an amazing and knitty 2016!



Seven blue shawls

To the question “how many shawls do you need of your favourite color” I’ve always said seven. Tove and I laugh about it sometimes when we think we’ve knitted too many shawls for ourselves.

I’ve learnt something essential lately with regard to my favourite color: Blue. For the last few yesrs the colors I love best are light blue snd dark blue. (I guess I keep sharing that bit about myself huh…) There are two chakras, the one in the forehead, the third eye with he color of indigo and the one on the throat which is light blue. In the latter I’ve always experirnced some serious blockage. Now I learnt that my third eye is overstimulated. Turns out I use it a lot to channel other peoples emotions. I’ve known for quite a while that I channel other peoples emotions, just not that I used the third eye to do so. I was told that I need to carry or wear something blue to help with these chakras. I said how curious it is that I’m so drawn tho these colors. In return I was told it’s because I reslly need them.

As it happens I’ve finally taken up my knitting again. (Nowadays I can knit a few rows when the family is gathered without having someone tearing my knitting away). I’m knitting a shawl from that gorgeous indigo silk/merino blend I dyed this summer. I have felt all along that I can’t wait for it to be finished and that I really need it. Turns out I do. More than I thought.



The latter image is more true to the real color.


Jacquard acid dyeing 

I bought these dyes in California last summer but hasn’t tried them until now. Out of the four colours I bought, we tried three: Periwinkle, Deep Orange and Vermillion. 

We started with Periwinkle, which came out a deep purpley blue that reminded us of the Tardis. We did two 100g skeins at the same time and ended up having to add more dye twice to avoid undyed bits remaining. 

These rather creepy looking dye baths are Deep Orange and Vermillion respectively. I ended up adding quite a bit of Vermillion to my orange since it was bright bright BRIGHT orange. I also had a partial sock yarn skein I dunked in this bath once this skein was all done. 

Finally, in the morning when I realised I had dyed my merino silk in crazy colours using Kool Aid… I overdyed it with Periwinkle.

Here are my skeins:

 The two on the left are from the same dye bath! Crazy to see what the different fibre does.  The two blue ones are from different dye baths. I actually really love how the red from the crazy Kool Aid experiment came through the Periwinkle: 



Color weekend!!!

Naa, we didn’t throw our own Holi exactly, even if you might think we did looking at the colorful limbs and tables and what not… (I decided to wear black for the occasion which seems like one of my brighter moments).

We spent a whole afternoon, and some bits of the following morning (and I’m sure Tove can explain all about that extra dying in the morning…), dying yarn. This was a bit of a try-out-different-ways-of-dying. So we tried cold colors (Jeaba), Jacquard Acid, Cool Aid and food colors. We will talk more about the different ways of dying yarn in a couple of coming blog posts.

The result was however quite stunning! Some crazy, but most really colorful and sooo beautiful! (And just because I think you love pictures as much as we do I’ve added a lot of them!)


The spell of beads

Anyone who has followed the blog knows about my obsession with beads and especially gemstone beads. Some of them had too small holes for knitting so Tove’s bracelet idea has come as a blessing to my bead stash. 

I’m thinking of Chesire from Alice in Wonderland, but Tove suggested sunset (surprisingly…)

Space, stars, nebulas and planets 😉
A little ancient Egypt about this set. 


Bad schooling…

You know my little gray one? The yarn loving nuisance? Yes, him, he doesn’t respect garden orchids and their beds.


But worst of all, he seems to have very little respect for baby angels. This just might get him into trouble one day…



Rainbow shawl progress

I’ve not been knitting an awfully lot lately, but just a few weeks ago I picked up my Rainbow Shawl again. It is almost finished. Right now I have about 4 more rows to go and bind off. So I’m trying to get through these rows. I’m knitting 5 sections and every chart once, but because I don’t have enough yarn I’m skipping some rows in the last chart.

2015-07-10 13.34.30

And here’s one shot from the one time I’ve spend knitting in the hammock this summer. If it’s not too cold, it’s either raining of it’s wet. I don’t mind it terribly, but some people might want to hang me for saying that.

2015-07-14 11.53.09

And here’s enjoying the knitting evenings with my cats, some tee and Miss Fisher.

2015-07-24 21.07.37