White lies

Me, to a fellow knitter at a knitting café: Oh, I love that yarn. What is it?
Fellow knitter: Oh, it’s… um… what’s it called… It’s American, hard to get a hold of… Has a female name…
Me: …. Madelinetosh?
Fellow knitter: Yeah! It’s not indie though, have you heard of it?
Me: Um. I may. Have. A skein. At home. Maybe two. Yeah.


And knitting faster isn’t helping, either…

Remember Jackson Square? Probably not, since I started it well over a year ago. Eleventysix billion rows of twisted 2×1 ribbing later…

Foto 2014-12-14 21 43 25

(Please note that it’s twisted on the WS as well as the RS. I am so good at ptbl now.)

… I finally got to the fun lace part:

Foto 2014-12-20 16 00 28

… and ran out of yarn.

Foto 2014-12-20 16 00 10

8g of yarn left, with six rows and then the picot bind off to go. Not gonna happen.

A wonderful fellow raveller has promised to see if she still has her scraps of the same yarn, and if so will send them to me. Otherwise I’ll just have to buck up and buy a new skein, because I am NOT ripping back. Sooooo annoying – I’m only going to be about 10g short.



Look what’s finished!



And the flock:


You may think that’s enough self-striping socks, especially considering I have several more skeins stashed (including these two lovely ones I bought only last weekend).


The other week I managed to see a skein of Lollipop Yarn in The Rainbow Connection (which is even BETTER than this one I was craving last year) being destashed on Ravelry. I’ve had terrible experiences trying to get my hands on Lollipop Yarn and found the owner really quite rude, so I’d pretty much given up on ever getting a skein, but I managed to be the first one to go GIMME GIMME GIMME and lovely Marie sent this beauty my way:


I just want to sit and stare at it.


Tea time!

Now that it’s been handed over, I can show the Tosh Tea Cakes I bought this July when visiting Jimmy Beans Wool.

These are a JBW exclusive and contain 12×20 yards of Madelinetosh yarn – I got the Tosh Merino Light version – as well as a tea bag and a biscuit, plus a link to download a mitt pattern.


Berry Blackcurrant for Anneli:


And Mojito Mint Green for me.




I’ve mostly been knitting on things I can’t blog about lately, but these aren’t included in that. Cast on before I went to Barcelona, knit on in the Arizona desert, LA, San Francisco… and not one single row on an airplane, as always. I must just not be a plane knitter.

Skew in Fab Funky Fibre’s Northern Lights.

Moment of “how on EARTH will this turn into a heel”…

But it did!


And two. Well. One and a… quarter.



I’ve been extremely absent from blogging this summer. It’s mostly due to my being away for a large chunk of it, and for most of that time, I was in decidedly unfriendly-for-knitting temperatures; the highest was 114F – that’s over 45C! My guess is there are not too many knitters in Lake Havasu City, Arizona!

I have managed to produce ONE sock (and a toe…) since the beginning of July, so it’s not a total collapse of my personal knitting infrastructure (pretend that made sense). And, I feel this has to count for something… I’ve acquired yarn. Boy, have I acquired yarn.

When I arrived in the US, I already had a bunch of goodies waiting for me. There was this KnitPicks roving Abby picked up for me during a sale:


There was this beauty from Hillary, as a thank you for providing her kid with Ahlgrens bilar:


There was this Juicy skein from Twisted Fiber Arts that arrived just before I did:


And then, once I was there in person, there was the Jimmy Beans haul. (Oh man, Jimmy Beans!! Even more amazing than I expected it to be. Yarn heaven. Everyone was so lovely. So much Tosh. I almost want to move to Reno.)


(There’s something missing from this picture. Stay tuned.)

Finally, there was ImagiKnit. We arrived to a dark store – yarn shopping during a power outage was a new experience. Not as impressed with ImagiKnit as with JBW, mostly due to the staff, but San Francisco wins over Reno (and pretty much everything) despite that, and it’s a lovely building, and I sure got some lovely stuff:



Then I got home and had to shove all this into my stash. Oh boy. Yarn diet here I come.