Normally I’d say this is pretty useless as far as finished objects go in the middle of the summer, but it’s currently raining and 13C sooooo…


I love them. The yarn is like a hug for your feet. Not sold on the sweet tomato heel. One of these has a bazillion huge loops on the inside of the short rows… And it’s not even the first one I made so I can’t blame the new technique. 


Craft cheating

I’m in some kind of knitting slump lately. There has been some sock progress: 


I’ve been a bit preoccupied with various bracelet projects. Nice for a change and much quicker than a lace weight cardigan…




Why I should swatch

I recently cast on for the Whisper cardigan, using the recommended needle size of 4.5mm. Then I ripped it, and cast on using 4mm, and knit something like 40 rows. Then I stopped lying to myself, ripped it, and cast on with 3.5mm needles. 

Finally getting a fabric I like and a gauge that’s not crazypants off. I always think of myself as a pretty tight knitter so who even knows what’s going on there. 

As a bonus, this lets me use my new Chiaogoo spins! Very impressed so far, though there is a bit of a snagging problem with the joints sometimes. The swivel is great though and I love the tips themselves. 


New toys!

After sitting on and breaking needle after needle, I decided I needed some new ones. I did a LOT of research and finally decided on Chiaogoo’s SPIN interchangeables. I ordered them from Purlescence, and got my order really promptly, but due to a small snafu I ended up with the metal TWIST tips instead of my bamboo ones (I’d ordered a Twist cable as well, as they all work together). They were lovely about it though and sent me the correct ones right away and let me keep the metal ones, so now I have tons of new needles to test! Review coming up when I do.



I finished a sock last night

Grafting doesn’t count. 

I love it so much I’m not even feeling any hints of SSS. 

I also finished, A LONG TIME AGO, three baby cardigans for three little American boys born in December and January: 


And for my cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish’s* birthday, I made her a Spice Trade Shawl in Tosh Mo Light in Saffron. 

* whilst marathoning Parks and Rec. Obviously. Because birthday girl recommended it, and because she is, without a doubt, my very own Ann Perkins. <3


The power of packaging

I ordered some indie self striping sock yarn (shut up) the other week, and it finally arrived alllll the way from New Zealand.


At first I thought this was a dumb way to package yarn when sending it across the globe… But that was before I opened it and saw how ADORABLE the packaging was.




And the yarn is pretty awesome too!


Ravenclaw socks coming up


Here’s Jackson!


Fresh off the needles!


Perhaps I went a bit overboard with the blocking… but that picot edge just forced me to. And I’m one of those weirdos who LOVES blocking, so…




I LOVE the way it drapes. The ends curl in such a pretty way. I was a bit hesitant blocking it in that shape, but I love the result.



Taking pics of yourself modelling a shawl: a lot harder than it looks.



Thank you, Deb!

What’s better than a fellow knitter saving your butt by sending you their scraps? Getting an adorable knitting themed card along with the yarn!


Many, many, many thanks to Ravelry user HappyDeb for the yarn and for proving once again that knitters are amongst the friendliest people there are.