About us

This blog is run by Anneli and Tove, two knitters in the Stockholm, Sweden area, who have been knitting and geeking out about yarn together for about two years now.


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I like knitting. I’m slightly obsessed with Doctor Who, right, possibly a little more than slightly, but just a little, promise! Okay, so I’ve got a favourite doctor, some posters, a miniature Dalek and I do have some future plans containing a knitted Tardis shawl. (Slightly, right?)

I LOVE yarn, which can be a blessing at times when all it takes to calm my nerves is petting a skein and, well, embarrassing when entering a yarn shop and behaving like a bloodhound… I also have two wonderful cats who are in their way obsessed with yarn too. It is nice to share an interest with your pets, but not always convenient.

And I do fancy a black TOSHWOOD van and a knitted coat… But only if I’m allowed on rooftops too!


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When I was twelve, my home ec teacher threatened to flunk me if I didn’t finish the scarf I was knitting by the end of the semester. After a lot of moaning and whining, my mother ended up bailing me out (thanks mum!), and even so, that scarf was probably only about three feet long, and once it was off the needles, I didn’t knit again for almost a decade. Then, in the summer of 2007, I was suddenly struck with the urge to MAKE MITTENS (yes, in the middle of summer; no, I can’t explain why) and it was allllll a slippery slope from there on. A couple of years and, erm, a few yarn purchases later, here we are, because I apparently do hobbies the same way I watch TV, which is all in, no halfsies here, nope. Which in its way explains why that scarf was the bane of my existence for those few months – a garter stitch scarf, in squeaky acrylic, on blunt metal straights? Ouch.

I like making pretty things out of pretty yarn. I knit because it’s relaxing, and because I have minor problems with this whole “doing one thing at a time” concept. It’s a work in progress.

I still don’t like making scarves.

Tove (l) and Anneli (r) in June 2013.