We “accidentally” came up with the idea for this blog while talking about yarn vans.

See, we like knitting. We like TV. We like knitting whilst watching TV. One of the shows we like watching while knitting is the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood. On Torchwood, they have a big shiny black SUV with their name written all over it (which is a bit silly since they’re supposed to be a super secret organisation, but hey, it looks cool).

We also like yarn. You’d think this would be a given since we like knitting, but we really like yarn, okay. Some people may even go so far as to call us yarn snobs. (We prefer to look at it from the philosophical viewpoint “life is too short to knit with crappy yarn”, but it’s okay if you call us yarn snobs. We don’t mind.) We are, perhaps, a bit partial to Madelinetosh.



…. perhaps more than a bit partial.

As such, it took us about 2.3 minutes to decide that if we had a yarn van company, we’d sell Madelinetosh out of a big shiny black SUV and it would be awesome. (Also, we just thought it was a funny pun.)

So while this blog is not all about Torchwood, and not all about Madelinetosh, they each represent a half of what it is about. It’s about good yarn, and good TV, and the good times you get when you mix those two.

(Confusingly enough, there is a character on Torchwood called Tosh. This blog has nothing to do with her. But we do think she’s pretty awesome.)