Dyeing away

Guess what? I found one skein in natural. Yeay!!! So I’ve been thinking what to do with it colourwise and thought I’d make it a two-step dye. 

First I’ve dyed it in Jeaba cold colours transparent with a tiny bit of cerise. I eorked in the dye until it covered the whole skein. Very little dye in fact so it barely soaked the whole skein. Then I added a few drops of cerise just before finishing. It’s wonderful already! Reminds me of my orchids. 



Happy New Year!!!

Tove spent the New Year’s Eve with my family, taking tea and watching Doctor Who (funny enough that Robin Hood episode with Clara in that amazing outfit). I did some knitting, while Tove resisted the temptation due to a stiff shoulder. 

We also discussed colour analysis and laughed about our colour choises in our DK Tosh shawls. So here’s Mrs Blue Shawl and Miss Orange Shawl wishing you all an amazing and knitty 2016!