Seven blue shawls

To the question “how many shawls do you need of your favourite color” I’ve always said seven. Tove and I laugh about it sometimes when we think we’ve knitted too many shawls for ourselves.

I’ve learnt something essential lately with regard to my favourite color: Blue. For the last few yesrs the colors I love best are light blue snd dark blue. (I guess I keep sharing that bit about myself huh…) There are two chakras, the one in the forehead, the third eye with he color of indigo and the one on the throat which is light blue. In the latter I’ve always experirnced some serious blockage. Now I learnt that my third eye is overstimulated. Turns out I use it a lot to channel other peoples emotions. I’ve known for quite a while that I channel other peoples emotions, just not that I used the third eye to do so. I was told that I need to carry or wear something blue to help with these chakras. I said how curious it is that I’m so drawn tho these colors. In return I was told it’s because I reslly need them.

As it happens I’ve finally taken up my knitting again. (Nowadays I can knit a few rows when the family is gathered without having someone tearing my knitting away). I’m knitting a shawl from that gorgeous indigo silk/merino blend I dyed this summer. I have felt all along that I can’t wait for it to be finished and that I really need it. Turns out I do. More than I thought.



The latter image is more true to the real color.


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