My Dagny is published

Sunday was a big day in my knitting life. Somehow I miraculously managed to get a pattern into a knit webzine: Avmaskat

It has been an adventure and a lot of hard work. I sent in a proposal only thinking it would come to nothing. But as the proposal was accepted the Christmas holiday became a little more hectic than I had planned. I’m so pleased with the result. Dagny really did turn into a wonderful beret. 

Avmaskat wanted the pink version and I felt that at least for myself I had to knit the mint and pink one I had dreamt up. 


2 thoughts on “My Dagny is published

  1. Jag var den som var modell för den baskern, och jag älskade den! Jag skulle verkligen ha kunnat ta med den hem..synd att jag är en så dålig stickare bara, annars skulle jag definitivt göra den! Fint jobbat :)

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