Knitting hours

It’s Thursday night. Elevenish something. I’ve kind of lost count of the minutes, even hours. It’s my first week back at work after the maternity leave. I’m tired. I’ve tried sleeping on my jacket on the floor. A pair of green very annoyed eyes are watching my every move. 

The prince of yarn (that gray cat you might have heard about…) has gotten himself into trouble. So instead of being home in my cosy bed I’m spending the evening on a hard chair at the vet’s. Fun… Not so much. I have had a go at knitting. And well, since I forgot the pattern in the leaving-home-hazzle I sort of accidently (overconfident…) made up my own. It works so no ripping. Now I just have some ribbing and shaping left, which I might try in a while, when my eyes work again. 

So, just waiting for the vet now. At his arrival he tells me he’s got a bengal (looks like Nishant, but with yellowish coat). “I think they share the same temper”, I said. “Oh-oh”, the vet replied. But Nishant was too ill to make more fuss than cats do mostly. 

Now it’s Sunday. I’ve collected the cat from the hospital for the second time. I’ve caught a cold and I don’t think that knitted hat will be large enough for my baby girl. I’ve decided to finish it anyway. Maybe it’ll fit her teddy…


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