My brother is getting married in September. I know, it is only February, and what am I up to? Planning what to wear… I was considering designing a bolero as it will most likely be a little cool. Something nice to go with the dress(es). But I’m not sure I have time to stick in a new project of that size and finish at the end if summer. 

After giving it some more thought I think giving an effort to finish my Silver Belle. Thunderstorm will go wonderfully with both dark blue snd dark green. And I’ve been thinking of placing a few sterling silver beads to give it a touch of the starry night sky. We’ll see. 

Annoyingly enough this is when the &@);&)?!?!!? knitting wire broke. Can it even do that?! The project is now safely moved to a new wire. But soo frustrating when I have so little knit time as it is. 


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