My Dagny is published

Sunday was a big day in my knitting life. Somehow I miraculously managed to get a pattern into a knit webzine: Avmaskat

It has been an adventure and a lot of hard work. I sent in a proposal only thinking it would come to nothing. But as the proposal was accepted the Christmas holiday became a little more hectic than I had planned. I’m so pleased with the result. Dagny really did turn into a wonderful beret. 

Avmaskat wanted the pink version and I felt that at least for myself I had to knit the mint and pink one I had dreamt up. 


Isabella’s Necklace

I tried a different necklace look than the rococo and came up with Isabella’s Necklace. She breaths of north and ice and the arctic. Colors I love. 

I’ve placed amber and turquoise howlite gemstone beads along with sterling silver. The amber gemstone is said to represent life and the howlite to give strength and energy. 


Knitting hours

It’s Thursday night. Elevenish something. I’ve kind of lost count of the minutes, even hours. It’s my first week back at work after the maternity leave. I’m tired. I’ve tried sleeping on my jacket on the floor. A pair of green very annoyed eyes are watching my every move. 

The prince of yarn (that gray cat you might have heard about…) has gotten himself into trouble. So instead of being home in my cosy bed I’m spending the evening on a hard chair at the vet’s. Fun… Not so much. I have had a go at knitting. And well, since I forgot the pattern in the leaving-home-hazzle I sort of accidently (overconfident…) made up my own. It works so no ripping. Now I just have some ribbing and shaping left, which I might try in a while, when my eyes work again. 

So, just waiting for the vet now. At his arrival he tells me he’s got a bengal (looks like Nishant, but with yellowish coat). “I think they share the same temper”, I said. “Oh-oh”, the vet replied. But Nishant was too ill to make more fuss than cats do mostly. 

Now it’s Sunday. I’ve collected the cat from the hospital for the second time. I’ve caught a cold and I don’t think that knitted hat will be large enough for my baby girl. I’ve decided to finish it anyway. Maybe it’ll fit her teddy…



My brother is getting married in September. I know, it is only February, and what am I up to? Planning what to wear… I was considering designing a bolero as it will most likely be a little cool. Something nice to go with the dress(es). But I’m not sure I have time to stick in a new project of that size and finish at the end if summer. 

After giving it some more thought I think giving an effort to finish my Silver Belle. Thunderstorm will go wonderfully with both dark blue snd dark green. And I’ve been thinking of placing a few sterling silver beads to give it a touch of the starry night sky. We’ll see. 

Annoyingly enough this is when the &@);&)?!?!!? knitting wire broke. Can it even do that?! The project is now safely moved to a new wire. But soo frustrating when I have so little knit time as it is.