And knitting faster isn’t helping, either…

Remember Jackson Square? Probably not, since I started it well over a year ago. Eleventysix billion rows of twisted 2×1 ribbing later…

Foto 2014-12-14 21 43 25

(Please note that it’s twisted on the WS as well as the RS. I am so good at ptbl now.)

… I finally got to the fun lace part:

Foto 2014-12-20 16 00 28

… and ran out of yarn.

Foto 2014-12-20 16 00 10

8g of yarn left, with six rows and then the picot bind off to go. Not gonna happen.

A wonderful fellow raveller has promised to see if she still has her scraps of the same yarn, and if so will send them to me. Otherwise I’ll just have to buck up and buy a new skein, because I am NOT ripping back. Sooooo annoying – I’m only going to be about 10g short.


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