Neighbors and alpacas

Okay, so here’s a bit of gossip. Apparently (dramatic paus) there are alpacas living just a couple of kilometers from my house (!!!) and I DIDN’T KNOW. One of my neighbors told me (it’s her parents keeping them) and I’ve been out and about with the pram trying to glimpse them. No suck luck just yet.

I’m planning (hoping) to buy some wool from them. And as it happens my neighbor is interested in learning to spinn (I did offer her a go on Clara). Just when we were chatting away about classes another neighbor joined in and announced that she too had taken the same class as me and Tove at Boda Backe (not at the same time obviously, THAT I would have noticed).

I’ll let you know on the progress of glimpsing alpacas! And buying wool. Or if we suddenly start spinn-get-togethers out here on the countryside. (The latter most unlikely…)


Patterns and patterns

There are many ways to author knit patterns. Some good, others not so good. As you might have seen I’m working on a hat for my baby girl and this pattern is lacking in many ways.

1. The pattern is basically just a huge chart covering everything. Instead of braking it down with repeats of smaller chart chunks I’m squinting my eyes, making mistakes and so on because it’s difficult to see where I am (and since many parts are repeats I find it hard to understand why it’s charted this way).

2014-11-10 18.30.49

2. There’s no row count or even stitch count maked. I’ve marked it out myself as a help.

2014-11-25 14.45.05

3. Later on there are increases and decreases, but the effect doesn’t show in the chart. I.e. the stitch count is off.

Of course you can write patterns like this not too concerned about the knitter and half expecting only skilled knitters to buy your patterns and books.

But I find that I much prefer the patterns that are authored with care to encourage knitters to learn new techniques etc. Not fogetting the challenge in braking down charts into nice followable chunks and neat succint instructions.

Foto 2014-11-22 10 02 52


Forgetting that dye

I dyed a Madelinetosh Merino Light earlier this year that came out a bit too crazy for my tast. Too much contrast and too many shades. I have since then planned to improve it and did so this last Wednesday. However my memory is a bit poor at the moment (or perhaps my mind is fully occupied with a whole bunch of other things to remember…)
Anyway, I forgot about it and realized yesterday (half a week later) that I had an ongoing dye sitting in the bathroom waiting to be rinsed. Ooops!



The pictures come out a little light. The yarn is actually quite dark with a hint of petrol and purple in it.


Here’s Looking At You: Necklaces

Remember the buttons I worked on? Somehow they became necklaces instead… Ooops! And just because I don’t think I need five of them I’ve just now made two available in my Etsy shop.

However, there are enough branches to make some buttons too… so eventually.