The Rainbow Song

More than 10 years ago “The Rainbow Song” was one of the first songs my husband and I recorded at home in the kitchen. It’s a song about believing in your dreams and to be strong. When I first got the idea to dye my own rainbow yarn I thought of naming it “The Rainbow Song”.

After checking the exact order of the seven colors in the rainbow I got to work dividing my large hank into seven small hanks (using a cat food tin. And of course without cutting the hanks apart!).

I then managed to muddle the little red dye I had left. (Not too surprisingly too much black in a red makes a purple/burgundy…) But I refused to be discouraged by this small setback and ventured on.


After dying and washing I wanted to transform my small hanks into one large hank again. Cheerfully going about it soon turned into another muddle. For some reason the blue hank refused to cooperate and I found myself with the worst yarn barf I’ve ever seen… (Really fun trying to disentangle wet yarn… NOT!). My husband chose this particular moment to sing the chorus from “The Rainbow Song”:

“You will see many rainbows break, but you’ll still carry on.

That’s how our dreams may fall apart, but we’ll build them up again…”

At which I shot him a dark “Shut up”.


A couple of hours later all colors were nicely wrapped together to admire. (Phew!)


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