Continuing the tale of the Whale(s Road)…

I wound all three bobbins onto my niddy noddy, splicing the ends (as well as where the yarn broke due to being underspun) together.


Shiny. I wanted to keep it as a single, so off it came…


SPROOOOOOOOOING. Into the bath with you.


I let it soak for a while and then gave it some good ole thwacks against the bathroom wall. Finishing yarn is SO satisfying. Good if you have any lingering annoyances.

I tried measuring while I skeined, and the figure I came up with was about 750 metres. This seems like a lot to me. I’m sort of half convinced I got it wrong. It’s mostly a light fingering, though:


It’s actually pretty tricky to photograph. It comes out looking either bluer than it is…


… Or too purple:


I think the picture that’s truest to life is the first one in this entry, on the niddy noddy. Either way, it’s gorgeous, and I am kind of ridiculously proud of it. I keep staring at it and feeling like a superstar. (Even though 99% of the magic is the dye job, which I can’t take any credit for.) I MADE that! Go me!!


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