Craftsy class: Know Your Wool

Craftsy class:
Know Your Wool (Free mini class)
Deborah Robson
Short description:
A mini class about the different types of wool, usage, breeds and what to keep in mind.
Things I’m taking away from this class:
  • There’s many more reasons to swatch then just to check gauge. (But I’m slightly horrified about the increasing yarn consumption…)
  • I want to learn a lot more about wool preparation. I wish there had been some more details about that.
  • Considering the things I knit I think I’m buying the right yarns.
Best moment:

Even if the sound was a little muddled I really like the fact that Deborah Robson takes us off to the wool market to check out some real live sheep.


For being a quick introduction to wool and for making way for learning more I give this Craftsy class a four out of five DPNs. I missed talking about wool preparations and how that affect the yarn. It was mentioned, but no more than to make me realize it is of importance.


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