Karbonz and Madelinetosh Chunky

I’ve switched from wood needles to Knit Pro’s karbonz on my Silver Belle. They work much better with the yarn (Madelinetosh chunky), also considering the fact that I’m pulling the yarn sooo tight. It’s the effect of all the cables. I can’t stand loose purls next to the cables… So I’m pulling.



Brimstone Butterfly pattern released

So the Brimstone Butterfly Fingerless Mitts pattern is finally released on ravelry.com

Feels kind of nice to have that done! Thanks Tove for reviewing it for me!



Continuing the tale of the Whale(s Road)…

I wound all three bobbins onto my niddy noddy, splicing the ends (as well as where the yarn broke due to being underspun) together.


Shiny. I wanted to keep it as a single, so off it came…


SPROOOOOOOOOING. Into the bath with you.


I let it soak for a while and then gave it some good ole thwacks against the bathroom wall. Finishing yarn is SO satisfying. Good if you have any lingering annoyances.

I tried measuring while I skeined, and the figure I came up with was about 750 metres. This seems like a lot to me. I’m sort of half convinced I got it wrong. It’s mostly a light fingering, though:


It’s actually pretty tricky to photograph. It comes out looking either bluer than it is…


… Or too purple:


I think the picture that’s truest to life is the first one in this entry, on the niddy noddy. Either way, it’s gorgeous, and I am kind of ridiculously proud of it. I keep staring at it and feeling like a superstar. (Even though 99% of the magic is the dye job, which I can’t take any credit for.) I MADE that! Go me!!


Whales Road

I spent a few evenings last week with my Malabrigo Nube in Whales Road, which started out like this:




This is the first hand dyed braid I’ve ever spun. I’m a big, big Malabrigo fan and have been for about as long as I’ve been knitting, so I was really looking forward to spinning this. However, before I could do that, I had to spend about two and a half hours splitting, fluffing, and predrafting. That sucker was compact.


Fluff fluff fluff.

I split the braid lengthwise into six parts before fluffing and predrafting, and ended up with this:


I then spun them onto three bobbins, one per night. One part had some few odd lumps, but other than that, it spun really evenly and easily (which it should with that much prep work needed) and was very enjoyable.


First bobbin. To be continued!


Night knitting

Night knitting is not as much disco and clubbing as it may sound. It’s more that really simple stockinette project which goes decently well with eyes that can barely stay open.

I do my night knitting when the Little Vicious Fairy of Hickups strike. Which is pretty much every time I tuck my sleeping baby in (in her own bed that is. Sleeping in my arms is apparently perfect). Of course I could go to bed myself. But I won’t be able to sleep. Knitting is a much better tool for waiting.

(Okay, so I really thought the stockinette would measure more than 10 cm by now…)


Craftsy class: Know Your Wool

Craftsy class:
Know Your Wool (Free mini class)
Deborah Robson
Short description:
A mini class about the different types of wool, usage, breeds and what to keep in mind.
Things I’m taking away from this class:
  • There’s many more reasons to swatch then just to check gauge. (But I’m slightly horrified about the increasing yarn consumption…)
  • I want to learn a lot more about wool preparation. I wish there had been some more details about that.
  • Considering the things I knit I think I’m buying the right yarns.
Best moment:

Even if the sound was a little muddled I really like the fact that Deborah Robson takes us off to the wool market to check out some real live sheep.


For being a quick introduction to wool and for making way for learning more I give this Craftsy class a four out of five DPNs. I missed talking about wool preparations and how that affect the yarn. It was mentioned, but no more than to make me realize it is of importance.