Precious knitting moments

With the change of my situation the precious knitting moments have become a rarity. There’s lots of things you can combine: Tea and knitting; Telly and knitting; Telly and breast feeding… But knitting and breast feeding? Not so much. If the baby is contently eating and half asleep you might be able to knit slooowly depending on how entangled your arms are.

So mostly the knitting is just sitting there trying to stare me down. And all I can do is stare back.


And sometimes the baby is fast asleep in her own bed. Then I can sit down with my knitting and the cat can occupy my lap.

Well, until he discoveres there’s yarn involved. Then he completely looses it and I have to fight to protect my knitting.

As for the project, I’m knitting a new version of my fingerless mitts to check the pattern. This time in the wonderful Malabrigo socks.


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