I’m not really meant to be buying yarn (more on that at some later point) but, well. On Saturday I honest-to-God just stumbled upon a yarn store. It was kismet.


Behold the yarn snob in her natural habitat, crouching on the floor with her hands buried in merino.


I felt PROUD of myself for leaving with just this one skein:


Malabrigo Rastita in Nomeolvides. No idea what it’s going to be, but I dug it out from under some other skeins, and…


Thanks to Linn for the pics of the crime scene yarn store visit!


2 thoughts on “Oops.

  1. Nice that you managed a visit to my local yarn store! And a nice surprice too that they’ve stocked more variaties from Malabrigo. I must venture an outing in the near furure!

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