I wanted to do the Brimstone butterfly in lace. My feeble attempts were mocking and I had to give it up. Either it came out kind if weird or just wasn’t really visible (just looked like a bunch of mistakes really).

That is when I sighed and decided to “cheat”. Googling embroidery stitches soon gave my mood an upswing.
Nervously I tried out the straight stitches for the petals and the chain stitches to form the butterfly (okay, so I had to redo them a couple of times before I got it right…). The latter looks as if they were knitted on.

chain stitch3
2014-03-28 11.32.22
Feeling very pleased with myself I can now proceed with mitten number two. (Hmm, mirroring a pattern seems a LOT easier than it is. I’m just saying…)


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