Presenting the shops

If you look at the menu up on top, you may notice a new link: our shop section! Check it out for cool stuff and a discount for blog readers :-)

To go with the shops, we invested in some of these:



They’re from Moo and we are very pleased with how they turned out. We went for the mini cards and sticker books, and if I may say so, they look awesome! Very easy site to use (once we narrowed down what we wanted… Anneli created about 27 different sticker designs!) and very fast shipping. Very pleased indeed.

(I’m also quite pleased with how well my ironing board matches the blog! What a coincidence.)


Best thumb ever

So I’ve been knitting Sssstarter, and they have a bit of an interesting thumb construction. Where “normal” glove/mitten patterns tell you to place thumb stitches on scrap yarn, Sssstarter also tells you to provisionally cast on stitches. At first I was so confused as to why, because I’ve never really had a problem with just picking up stitches to close the gap, but I figured I’d follow the instructions to try it out. I’m glad I did, because I like it so much I think I may do it for all my thumbs from now on.

I followed the instructions in the pattern, which uses this way of provisionally casting on.


Thumb stitches placed on scrap yarn…


… wrapping around the needle and scrap yarn to provisionally cast on…


… and after knitting a row.

Once you’ve decreased back down to your original amount of stitches it looks like this:


And when the time comes to knit the thumb, you pick up all the stitches (the six by my finger here are the provisionally cast on ones):


Then decrease the same way as you did on the palm:


This gives you a little “diamond” between your palm and thumb:


Whilst this diamond gives you just the tiniest bit of extra space which really makes a big difference, it’s pretty much invisible from the front:


In addition, you have no bumpy bit where you picked up stitches, there are no stitches being pulled or stretched, and much less of a hole situation happening at the “corners”. Totally clever construction. Heartily recommend it. Two thumbs up!


Beautiful buttons for my Silver Belle

The buttons for my Silver Belle arrived this week. Once project manager always project manager I guess. I won’t need the buttons for some time yet, but it is important to plan ahead and make sure there’s no great show stoppers. It feels kind of nice to have them already! I just love the celtic touch and it will go really well with the cables on the cardigan.

2014-02-24 18.50.47