Toshwood goes Cake Boss

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Cake Boss episodes on Netflix. I love them! They are short, inspiring and easy going. No huge dramas or traumas. Just good relaxing telly. My only problem is that there’s only four seasons…
So the Toshwood blog has been going for almost a year now. Why not do something fun and inspiring to celebrate? Like having Toshwood go Cake Boss for a day? (No reason to mention that I was dreaming about Toshwood cakes once I came up with that idea, right?)
I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of that modeling chocolate (of course, pronounced with a real Hoboken accent) and found Strössel & annat online to order from.
We had a good time decorating (me, Tove and Tove’s friend Abby). The cake turned out gorgeous (no previews!) and delicious (not even a crumble left at this point I’m afraid), but getting the modeling choclate soft and workable took some muscles. It looks sooo easy on Cake Boss! Well, it got a lot easier when we heated it up a little, but my hands were still aching a little the day after.

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