Best thumb ever

So I’ve been knitting Sssstarter, and they have a bit of an interesting thumb construction. Where “normal” glove/mitten patterns tell you to place thumb stitches on scrap yarn, Sssstarter also tells you to provisionally cast on stitches. At first I was so confused as to why, because I’ve never really had a problem with just picking up stitches to close the gap, but I figured I’d follow the instructions to try it out. I’m glad I did, because I like it so much I think I may do it for all my thumbs from now on.

I followed the instructions in the pattern, which uses this way of provisionally casting on.


Thumb stitches placed on scrap yarn…


… wrapping around the needle and scrap yarn to provisionally cast on…


… and after knitting a row.

Once you’ve decreased back down to your original amount of stitches it looks like this:


And when the time comes to knit the thumb, you pick up all the stitches (the six by my finger here are the provisionally cast on ones):


Then decrease the same way as you did on the palm:


This gives you a little “diamond” between your palm and thumb:


Whilst this diamond gives you just the tiniest bit of extra space which really makes a big difference, it’s pretty much invisible from the front:


In addition, you have no bumpy bit where you picked up stitches, there are no stitches being pulled or stretched, and much less of a hole situation happening at the “corners”. Totally clever construction. Heartily recommend it. Two thumbs up!


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